43" Wheel Semcycle For Sale!

I would like to sell my used unicycle for $300(plus shipping). I need to sell it fast before I change my mind(or figure out another way to pay rent).

It is huge(43"), with a black frame and stainless hub and red tires(I’m throwing in an extra tire!). It has a couple of cosmetic dings(on the fork and the rim) but they could easily be touched up.

It is trued ok and very tight “no problems”

I rode it about 200 miles and I paid $610 for it new-plus shipping.
I ordered it without a seat or pedals and that’s the way I’d like to sell it. I will leave the 6" black cranks on it(euro I think).

I never could ride it as fast as my Coker,but it’s easy enough to mount and a fun ride in its own right. It’s very lightweight for it’s size.

Let me know if you’re interested.

I think you should know that under UK law, advertising something I obviously want but equally obviously can’t afford counts as harassment, punishable by up to 10 years’ hard labour.

How much do you estimate, roughly speaking, shipping to the UK would cost? Serious but hesitant enquiry, here.

Sorry Mike,
It’s sold already.

THANK YOU FATE. My pocket book has been trembling!


Thank goodness for that! Now I can eat and pay the mortgage!

Tell me, did it have a solid tyre? How comfy to ride?

It does have a solid tire. It’s not too rough on the bumps(at least with a thick air seat). The limitations(for me anyhow) is the way I had to “work” so hard to keep my balance that I could never ride fast. Crowned roads and the wind factors were much more problematic than on a Coker. Of course, this is just my opinion. Many people had racked up many miles on similar unicycles before Cokers entered the scene.

Hmmm. Just done a bit of an epic ride today on the Coker - something approaching 40 miles (not measured it yet) with a selection of bumpy muddy and gravelly terrain and tarmac. I suspect that some of the off road sections would have been easier on a smaller wheel, but the extra few inches might have been nice on the tarmac. Must get an air seat, though. I feel like I dropped the soap in a rugby club shower.