42mm Vs 47mm for street

I just want to get some people opinions on using a 42mm rim on a street uni, instead of a 47mm.

As far as i can see, there will be no real difference, as i don’t need the extra volume or stability a trials rider would get from a 47mm rim.

So the volume of the tyre would be less… But would this make it more responsive?

Any opinions and shizz are appreciated :slight_smile:

Ive used the CC and the luna for my street and with the CC i notice a really big difference with the tire on tire fold. You have to run the CC at max pressure so tire fold doesnt occur. Where as with the luna you can run half the pressure and still not get tire fold. Tire fold throws me off my uni and i hate it, i can imagine with the 42mm rim since its skinnier your tire will be more prone to fold over so if your like me i do not think it would benefit you much.

I could imagine that flatland riders that like the trials tire would enjoy the skinny rim, i have no experience in flatland though so im just making a wild guess.

i ride at about 45 psi, so i never really get tyre fold anyway :slight_smile:

For street I don’t really see a difference. For trial tho, you really feel the 5mm less.

High pressure is the way to go:D

I always run around 40psi and i dont have any complaints unless i land sideways and thats just my fault:o