40sec natural trials video...


Just thought I’d share some footage of a short natural trials ride I did yesterday. I’d seen this spot almost every day from the bus and finally went to check it out. There is one line that’s almost impossible for me to do, but I’ll have a few more shots at it. It’s up a high set of exposed roots.

But beside this I found some nice rocks and had a little play around on them. I think I’ll take some of these clips and make a new tutorial for www.unicycle.2ya.com about wheel placement, etc.

Don’t you just love natural trials? It’s so unpredictable…it’s great!


glad you didn’t fall down those rocks, yikes!

too bad none of my filming will be in australia

…this time

Road (ocean?) trip!

yo man you should try hoping with the seat out in front. you can get way moor height and you will have so much moor control.


Don’t listen to Zack. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have plenty of control!
So what if you ride seat in, whatever
suits you. I like your style.

Let’s see some MOOR movies, including that
root line!



beautiful. nice editting too, even though it was short.

did you ever send me a cd? i just realized i hadn’t gotten anything. it’s not like i’m actually working on that video or anything…

:slight_smile: It’s times like this I wish I had a few thousand dollars to spare. I’d love to go unicycling in Canada.

I actually do hop seat out when I need to hop higher than about 40cm, but I feel I’m in much more control with the seat between my legs. I also find big gaps much easier with the seat in…it’s just my style I guess.

Okay, just for you tomorrow I’ll go and tackle a few more natural creek trials lines I’ve spotted while on muni rides. There are so many nice natural trials locations here in Brisbane. I won’t try the root line tomorrow but there’s one line I’ve found where I’ll be riding that I most likely won’t fully manage for a few more months. It involves a series of gaps and log rides…all down hill. It’s a doozy!

…and I just realised I haven’t sent anything. I’m really sorry, things have just been really hectic. I’ll try to send it off tomorrow though. I’ll write myself a reminder.


Is that unicycling or pogo-sticking? :wink:

Impressive though!

Is that unicycling or pogo-sticking? :wink:

Impressive though!

sweet, keep it up.