40mm Frame with 42mm bearing?

Hi, I just want to know if it’s possible to put a 40mm frame on 42mm bearings? The frame being an 04 KH with machined bearings holder and the hub/bearing being KH 07.

If they were pressed bearing holders it would be OK but not with machined. You would need to use the special KH 40mm bearings to make it work.

Yeah, it’s the first time I’m not happy that bearing holders are machined haha.

Where could I buy this?

I think you’re looking for These.

Exactly! Thanks! :smiley:

Just to be sure, the KH 04 frame has 100mm spacing?

EDIT: I guess so, anyway, thanks for the answers guys!

I can see two problems.

And they’re both millimteres.:smiley:

KH frame?

I have a first generation KH frame, the black steel frame and it has 42mm machined bearing holders. I guess you’ve tried it but…I didn’t think that KH production frames were anything other than 42mm.

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Emile, is it the one with the white things on the sides written KH in it our juste the fully black one? because the fully black one has 42mm bearing holders, Isaac Steiner was using one with his KH 07 ISIS hub a few years ago. If it’s the other one I’m pretty sure it’s 40mm bearings.

EDIT: And why do you want to know that?

Note that this may not work well.

I don’t know. I know Vince has one and he used it with his profile crankset so I thought it was a 40mm bearing holder frame :thinking:

The once Vince use is the one with the white thing one the side, this one has 40mm bearing holders I’m pretty sure.

What about the one bedford sells?

The one from bedford has 42mm bearing holders, it’s where Isaac brought his and he was riding his ISIS hub with it.

But why?

Émile is tired of me always benting my seat posts and wants me to switch to 27.2. The only options I have are KH and K1. I don’t like the look of the current KH Frame and I don’t trust the K1 frames, so there’s only the old school style KH frame left, which I’ve always loved.


what about the addict/impact reagent frames?

What about the Onza Limey?


no :slight_smile:

Hugo may get one used so… Anyway the KH 04 is much cooler than those 2 frame.

+1, and Hugo, it’s a really good thing for you to finally switch to 27.2 seatposts. But you wont have a pink frame anymore…:frowning:


Just wait and see…(I love you Luke !!!)


Mine is the very first production frame with the white KH decal on the sides. It even has a 29.4 seatpost. It has 42 mm holders. I ran a Profile hub using shims to make it work. I’ve also used a 2010 KH hub on it. I think you’ll be fine. They are very cool frames.