4 skills away from level 7...

Yep, I’m 4 skills away from level seven! They are:


  • Hop on wheel 5 times
  • 180 to the left
  • 180 to the right
  • Ride backwards SIF in a circle [/LIST]

    Any tips?

  • theres lots of tips around the forum for hopspins. do a search for them, or check unicycle.2ya.com, theres actually a help video on hopspins.

    as for hopping on the wheel, go to it from the ground to start, and once you can actually do it, then try going from the pedals.

    hop on wheel is a level six skill.

    Oh psh, those are easy tyler.

    Mmmm, level 7 and he picks the 4 easist to not have learned…

    Im lazy, can someone post all teh moves in level 7?

    thats what i was thinking… anyway… try pogoing in place and then spinning… its really easy… my friend learned that day he learned to hop…


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    Is a hoptwist just a 180 jump? if so they are quite easy.


    Ride backwards SIF in a circle is easiest when oyu hold the seat so tight into your body as possible.

    those do seem kinda easy. im surprised you cant do 'em tyler. but youll get em im sure


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    I’m about the same distance from level 7 (missing hop-twists, spinning, and need a couple more mounts into alternate skills), but anyway, here are a few things that might be helpful…

    hopping on wheel:
    just keep trying it, as a “mount”, by just hopping straight on the wheel from the ground. It seems to help if you keep the wheel against your legs, and don’t try to hop very high at first, even 1/2" is fine for the skill levels.

    This is hard on a freestyle unicycle. I can do it easily on my trials uni, but still can’t get it every time on my freestyle unicycle. I find it easier to do seat in front, since I can get more height that way (especially with a hard tire)

    ride backward SIF C:
    Just a matter of practice. Try both directions. I didn’t find this to be very difficult AFTER I had doing it straight down solid. Also work on riding backward standing up (no weight on seat) and with one hand stuck on the front of the seat, since one thing that makes this hard is you can’t use both hands for balance.

    good luck! I am sure you will get to level seven long before I will (since you can spin, which seams just about impossible to me).

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