4 seperate sets of juggling balls

Hey, I’ve got some juggling balls up for sale that I’m sick of seeing around the house so I figure it time they go live with someone else.

3 of these sets are Hybrid Tossaball’s from Flying Clipper. You can read more about the hybrid technology here: http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/cpage_129/what_is_a_hybrid.html It is 100% legitimate, these balls are great and best thing being, they’re completely machine washable! Not to mention they’ll never lose they’re feel. Being that the material inside can’t break down any, they’ll stay the same feel for years to come. I’ve also got 1 set of 78mm Sil-X Implosion balls for sale as well.

Prices are all slightly negotiable, and I’ll consider trades as well. Not really looking for anything but if you have something to get rid of feel free to offer it, be it juggling props, uni stuff, or whatever. I prefer to deal US only and you pay shipping! If you’re out of the US and really really want something, I’ll consider it, but again, you pay the shipping.

$30- First is a set of 5 firm 2.8" ultrasuede hybrids in blue. Firm is right. They do have a little give to them and a dead drop, but if they hit your foot they may roll a bit. http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/page_449_134/tossaball_hybrid_2.8_suede_juggle_ball.html


$30- Next is a set of 5 2.8" TX hybrids. These are multicolored and still slightly firm, but not as much as the above. I compare them in firmness to a brand new millet filled thud or similar beanbag. The TX material feels like very smooth Ultrleather. These balls look and feel great. http://www.flyingclipper.com/home/fly/page_751_134/tossaball_hybrid_2.8_tx_juggle_ball.html


$35- Next up is a set of 7 2.55" Ultraleather hybrids in red 120g. These are no longer available at flying clipper, but are another great set of balls that use the same hybrid technology as the above sets. They smaller than the first 2 sets and are great for numbers or for 3-5 for people with smaller hands. They too feel very similar to a new thud beanbag as far as firmness goes. They juggle great, look great, and feel great; similar to a leather jacket.


$35- Lastly is a set of 78mm pink Sil-X Implosions 150g. These balls are amazing however they’re much too big for my hands so they must go. I haven’t used these much at all so they could use a wipe down and some juggling to redistribute the color evenly in the silicon. By far my favorite style of juggling ball on the market today, if you’ve been considering these you will not go wrong, and this purchase is a great deal.


Nice balls

You have nice balls.

Indeed I do! Two sets of which happen to be gone! I’ve still got the multicolored TX hybrids and the Sil-X Implosions available!

I’ve got a set of 8 green sil-x’s. If anybody is wondering about the merits of these, I really like them as well. It IS hard to get 7 going, but once they’re up in the air they feel great. They’re tacky, soft, and have all the advantages of a russian without any of the side-effects (i.e. wobble)

Takes a little getting used to the size, but I’ve seen David Furman launch 9 3.5 inch russians (albeit very light 90 gram russians) into a pattern, so it can be done. (these are nowhere near that size of course)

if I had one complaint, I would say they are a little too heavy, but for juggling 5 or less, they’re perfect.

All are gone, and much faster than I expected.