4 point-idling-turnaround

I’ve been working on a maneuver where you do a 4 point turnaround while idling and wondered if there is a formal name for this skill. In brief you idle back while turning 90 degrees to your right, then idle forward while turning 90 degrees left, idle back turning 90 degrees right, and idle forward turning 90 degrees left to your original position. When I can do it correctly, my upper body stays in one place while rotating around a vertical axis and the tire describes a 4 pointed star. I don’t know as how this is a really important skill to have but it does have a very satisfying “feel” to it.
Does anyone know what this maneuver is called?

Since a star-like pattern similar to an axle spline is traced on the ground I hereby suggest that this particular maneuver be deemed “splining”. My first choice in naming almost anything (theorems, postulates, animals, activities, children of either gender, etc.) is, of course, “Greg”. However, in this case, “splining” is the more intuitive choice.

Funny that you are working at this -when I first learned to iddle, I rotated in place, like it or not!

We’re all so wonderfully different (it’s just too bad for me that I’m closer to the ‘different’ end of the spectrum).


i, simmilarly, battled for quite a while getting rid of the rotational aspect of my idling so i could idle ‘properly’
going round and round in circles and not getting anywhere?
call it congress?


I guess I felt a need to move in a circular motion because while learning to idle, I would uncontrolably move sideways. It took me forever to eliminate the lateral movement.
I got to thinking of all the different variations of “splining” that are possible. One footed splining, splining with seat out front/back, hop-twist splining, etc.
Ugg! It’s a whole new family of totally useless skills I will invariably feel compelled to master.
Just don’t mention anything about splining to the honchos at USA or they’ll start adding them to the skill level list.
Bye for now. I gotta go work on hand WW splining.