4 Koxx Days 08 Flat Battles

Old, but still nice to see IMO. Been up for a day or so, figuered I should post them.

Elliot has improved a lot since KD08…

dissapointed at the consistancy of Amaury. Romain’s wasn’t the best either.

Loic’s amazing rollingwrap to 540

I hope to see some amazing battles when KD09 comes around.

adrien vs. loic was good, everything else was mediocre with hardly any consistency.

Awesome. Love battles :smiley:

Cool. I think I would prefere watching a game of HORSE.

Awesome! I was looking for stuff from KD08!

It seems like they do to many flip tricks.

But still pretty good I suppose.

pretty good? that was amazing. incredibly consistent.

edit: I only watched the loic adrian battle.

Lol I kinda want to enter a french flat battle now and do nothing but flip tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

Loic wasn’t landing anything at the end. Adrien did well though.