3rd week progress

cheechee Wrote:
> Ive been able to fmount for about a week but could never get that 1st
> stroke going.Minutes ago ,after 3x a day practice for weeks I fmounted
> and rode 30 or so feet.Because it all starts from the 12-6 dead peddle
> position it takes a forward lean and 2 good ,fast strokes to get it
> going out of the fmount.I still start from the wall or a car mostly
> just to get more ride time.I can ride up to 50 ft. and i’m starting to
> turn alittle.I even got up on the 24in. 1 time and rode away.The 20in.
> is easier to ride but not as smooth as the 24in.I’m still amazed how
> quickly my legs tire given I’m a serious biker who rides road,tandem
> and fixed.I try to idle,fmount,and ride both unis every time I
> practice.
> I’m 48 and I just cant wait,
> to get up on that wheel.
> :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:
Uni is one tough beast.Years ago I thought riding a fixed gear bike
was tough. But at least you got to do some riding on day one! Years
later learning to ride a bike on rollers became the next hardest thing.
Juggling four balls was next.And now its the uni.