3D unicycle with agiea physX

Just for fun I made this virtual model of my unicycle and rigged it up in the Unity game engine. Here is a web player build if you would like to try it out… You will have to install a web browser plugin but it should be rather fast and painless.

(you can drag the unicycle with the mouse and scrollwheel)

Here is the link to the Unity site if you are interested.

Picture 4.png

Thats pretty cool, originally I was using the agiea physX physics library in projectUNI but I’ve opted for a different cross platform library.

I saw the project uni site. Looks cool! I would tell you to do it in Unity instead of Ogre 3D but it is a mac only development environment that goes to mac + windows so it’s not for everyone. But it already has one of the best physics engines on the planet and a great animation system among other really useful goodies. You could rig up complex animation blending for leans, realistic idles and other stuff on multiple layers with about 30 lines of javascript or C# in Unity.

It sounds pretty cool and I would love to try it but unfortunatly it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I installed the web plugin and I have tried the link in both IE and Firefox but neither work for me. Am I doing something wrong?

That’s pretty neat but Ogre is always on the cutting edge as far as graphics (due to being open source) and I can use any physics library I want. In the end it will give us much more control. I don’t think there is anything Unity can do that Ogre can’t aside from maybe putting the game inside a web browser which I’m not really interested in doing anyhow.

Same here?

Worked for me. Can’t do a whole lot yet it seems though, just kind of drag it around on the screen and watch it fall onto stuff. Good start though if you plan to continue it.

I read up on their forum, lots of people are having an issue with the web player crashing when it’s done loading.

^^^^^ Yeah, my whole graphics card crashed while trying to run it. I had to completely reboot.

Sorry that the web player is failing so much, and sorry about the crash Historical Goof :frowning: I have seen it work steadily on firefox for windows and not so steadily on both IE and firefox on an older windows computer. I know that it generally should work on any major browser on either recent mac osx or windows xp.

I would be interested to hear exactly what happened when ntappin and borgschuzle opened the web player page.

I looked at the ogre site to try to understand a bit more how ogre works. It looks really powerful as far as graphics and efficiency for performance and I admit, has some better graphics stuff around it (Like integrated shadows, HDR and more fun postprocessing effects) but appears to have nothing on Unity as far as ease of use or the ability to create gameplay easily.

Unity has a stable and powerful yet easy to use IDE that lets you edit any of your code, graphical assets or objects in scenes or prefabs and then run the game instantly afterward. You can run the game, pause it, change a few lines in a script, wait for it to compile, unpause and continue playing. Same with PSD format textures with multiple layers, 3D files in .obj, .blend, .fbx, .mb, .dae, .3ds, .dxf, .c4d or .jas or any other asset.

A possible sign of how nice Unity is to use is how lots of people who have used it a lot can’t help but evangelize it. :wink:

With that ease of use comes lack of flexibility and control. With Ogre itself being just a graphics engine we have the power to choose the physics, sound and networking libraries which will suit the project most. As far as an IDE, I’m using Visual Studio, an industry standard not only used by most game devs but also in almost every other area of computer programming. With the wide range of users and the length of time it’s been around its become a very mature and efficient programming environment. As far as the artwork goes, that is all being done in professional level software as well giving the tightest control and finest results. Don’t get me wrong, for small quick games I think Unity is excellent but for something such as ProjectUNI which should (hopefully) be on a much larger scale I think the flexibility of Ogre and open source overcomes the initial ease of development from Unity. Not to mention that the few crashes and failures to load that we’ve seen are a bit of a turn off.

Sorry for the rant, I have fun talking about this sort of stuff :stuck_out_tongue: