3D printed unicycle handle Saddle

Hey guys, I featured a 3D printed unicycle saddle on my unicycle podcast.

Im not quite ready to share it with the internet at large, however, if you’re interested in messing with it feel free to message me. I would be happy to share it with some 3d printing hobbyists


Christoph Hartman made some tests and shared his design on Facebook

Sounds good ! How’s the resistance to UPDs ? Would you share a photo - until you’re ready to share the 3D file…?

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I have no idea. I only printed one as a test. and to clarify, I’m happy to share it with anyone who wants it. I just dont want to post it as a general download.

I designed and printed one in petg. Broke pretty fast, but was very comfortable for about 30 seconds.

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Best material is polypropylene or nylon, but most 3d printers can’t handle that material.
Instead, try printing a mold and then pour in liquid polyurethane.
Good luck.

For best strength have it printed externally via SLS or MJF technique in Polyamide.

Preferably add the vapour fusing treatment.

If you’d like to try that yourself, be my guest. Here is a link to the STL.

Out of curiosity, can this fit all saddle brands? I have a Qu-ax and and a Mad4One saddle currently.