I am looking for a used 36er. My preference is either a Coker Big One (or similar design) or KH 36. Not too fancy, not too pricey, but I also realize that they aren’t cheap.

If anyone has a 36er that they want to sell please let me know, a picture and specs are always helpful in making a decision to buy.

I’m short (5’2") so I don’t know if a Nimbus Nightrider frame would work as there isn’t much variance for cutting of the frame.

Please feel free to pm me if you have something.


The Nightrider frame measures 4" from the top of the frame to the bottom of the seatpost tube, and apparently you can cut up to 1.5" from the frame:

I doubt you’d be able to do any better than that with the KH or the Coker frames.

Sweet! Thanks r7ll, ok guys Nightrider is also an option. :slight_smile: