36er wanted UK

If anyone has one for sale that’d be great. Not too worried about the condition as it’s for practice ready for the uni-L2B Being organised.
Will be buying a new one if needed for it.

The thread to join the London to Brighton uni ride is:

The more the merrier!

I’d buy a 29er, to practice on, for the right price.
Still wouldn’t mind a 36er though if anyone has 1!

I’ve been offered a 36 now and have decided to go for it!
Many thanks to Steve Cooligan.

Now…how to close a thread??? :thinking:

like this:

SOLD but “Found” instead :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy your 36! I just got my first the other day! I love it.

I thought it was FOUND!!

Ah ok i got it…
And i can’t wait to ride it :smiley:

What i meant though guys is that i’ve been on a couple of wanted threads and the person got what they wanted so disabled replies…Anyone know how?

Click on the Thread Tools menu at the top of the thread. On your own threads in the trading post forum you’ll have the option to close it.


Thanks rob, i’ll do it now :slight_smile: