36er Speed run. (With camcorder in hand!)

Did two speed runs around the local 1/4 mile track on my 36er, and filmed it, while holding my camcorder! (No fisheye this time lol!) I really couldn’t go for my top speed because I was holding the cam, but still clocked a pretty fast finishing speed. For me anyway.:o

I also had a static camcorder set up to catch the finishing passes. The first half of the track was used to warm up and get situated with the camera, with the last half trying for my top speed.:slight_smile:


hahahah the remote bit was funny! 17.4 mph while holding the camera is mad! You should try without the camera… see if you can hit 18!

Thanks Scott. I’m going to try for 20mph later today if conditions are right! Won’t be hoding a camera for that though. :smiley:

Nice. Good Luck on the 20mph, I bet you can do it. I haven’t tried in almost a year to really break my speed record, but last year it was 18mph.

YEah I doubt that I’ll hit 20mph, but it’s something to try for!:slight_smile:

With some practice…maybe :). Just don’t try without any of that gear you normally wear. One time I had my (car) gps in my camelbak on a ride. After pretty bad fall it read something like 40mph. I’m assuming that is the speed I went down at, haha.

I’ll be wearing my wrist guards as well. 40mph? Haha I wonder how it could have made such a glaring error in speed. :thinking:

Yeah, I don’t know either. I’ve only brought it on a few rides. I usually just rely on my cyclocomputer, but the gps is usually very accurate. I think my past few coker falls have really driven me away from hitting my top speeds. My max speed is rarely over 16mph now.

Haha maybe, I’m not sure. But if you know, then maybe you can also find my older video where I did a ride inside Home Depot…I can’t find it! :o

Go Left? Do you have any idea what “Go Right” is in reference to?