36er MUni - Yes!

I took my 36er out for some BIG wheel MUni.
Went back do the same trail where I had a bad fall on my 24, to try my luck. It’s so fun shredding the trail on a 36er, although it’s a lot more risky, especially when your pushing 70! (years, not MPH. haha!) :grinning:

BTW, the 36er in this video is set up with the new Nextie carbon 36er rim. Works great at tire pressures under 35psi — for Muni I’m running around 25psi — but blowoff is imminent at higher psi. Nextie claims it’s because the NR’s BSD is too big, and that they are going to try to partner with a tire manufacturer to make 36er tires specifically for this rim. I won’t hold my breath.


I think at this point this is a fact, but there’s also the issue of the old tech wire bead, which is more likely to stretch and expand than a modern Kevlar bead.

Happy to hear you’re still having success at lower pressures, and at some point in the future someone will make a modern spec tyre. Personally I expect it to be at least four years until general availability even if a company is planning it now, considering the investment required for small volume, and the still massive demand for all normal sized tyres coinciding with shortages and shipping issues.

What kind of temperatures are you getting over there on the trails?
My concern now, whatever pressure I run at, is that on a warm day the tyre is far more likely to decide to leave the rim. It’s at max around 15C here (59F) but the warm weather will come soon enough.

My first 36er ride since the rim BSD enlarging tape mod, and re-inflation to ~38PSI is this weekend. Only ~15 miles, but I’m really hoping to not have a 90 minute walk back back home as happened the last time!

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Wishing you all the best with that.

It’s these times that I envy my west coast friends! It was still snowing this week in Boston…

@UniGeezer Terry, how long did it take to get your shoe chewed up like that? And how much longer do you think it’ll last? I got my first pair of 5.10’s and the metal pins are chewing up my sole in the same area.

I’ve had the shoes for about 4 years, maybe 5. Been very happy with them and they’ve held up well considering I ride with them 5-6 days per week with all my different unis.

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You just stubornly refuse to get old do you? Great job Terry.

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It’s easy. He’s becoming young

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What shoe is that? I saw you mention it in the video but I didn’t catch the name/brand.

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They’re made by Gyro but I think they’re discontinued. I used to only ride 5.10s but they stopped making the 1/4 high tops with inner side ankle protection.