36er Muni in Scotland


After a few selfish years enjoying others’ muni videos, I finally decided to make my own!
Nothing spectacular. Just a nice flowy XC ride with a couple of semi-technical bits to keep it interesting!
Hope you enjoy.


Nice Video! I’ll go out today for 36" muni

Nices once :slight_smile:

I will need to get learning before we meet up :astonished:

That was really cool! One of the only MUni videos I actually enjoyed watching the whole way :slight_smile:

Awesome, I liked the speed and flow of the 36er. What crank lengths are you running and do you ever use the outer holes of your dual Moments?

That was excellent. I like how fast and smooth the riding looks. The music was kind of sinister though.

Thanks for the feedback!


I will need to get learning before we meet up 

Don’t worry, always nice to hang around with fellow unicyclists. Only ever done that twice so far (first time at Elsbet last year with 50+ other unicyclists, quite surreal!).


What crank lengths are you running and do you ever use the outer holes of your dual Moments? 

These are 137/165. Not my preffered combi but UDC had run out of stock with the 125/150 when I bought the cranks… For the trail on the video, there are no big gradients, or very short steep ones, so either 137 or 125 are fine. I don’t use the 2nd hole for that trail but I am planning to try a more technical trail soon for which the 150 cranks feel a bit too short (tried it but still found the 29er more enjoyable). Will try the 165 hole there, hoping I can enjoy the flywheel effect on the flowy sections and still manage the technical bits without it feeling “unnatural”!


The music was kind of sinister though.

Yeah, I guess it can feel that way, sorry! I just love that tune and I thought it suited the smooth, flowy 36er Muni style. Will use a more up-tempo one for my next vid (probably 29er, so more aggressive riding style…:D)


Music and stuff

I thought the music was ok… different from the usual stuff that gets posted :slight_smile:

@ Gonzo

The first time I ever rode with anyone else was the Dusseldorf Marathon… 70+ riders and thousands of spectators!!! :astonished:

36" muni… :astonished:

Good Stuff!!

Nice vid! I can’t wait for my 36er!!

Nice riding, great video.

Loved the Music. Really nice video

Nice video! I really liked the part where you rode over that big bump, it was cool how you kept jumping back up and trying again after each attempt.

Strange, seeing my old comment being shocked at 36er Muni-ing…
I was out for my first decent 36er Muni ride today, and it was great! A couple of upd’s, that I jogged off easy enough, but overall it was thrilling, rolling at speed on ground I’d only attempted on my 26er before now :sunglasses:

Sorry to dig up an old thread :roll_eyes:

Congrats on finally conquering the pointy bump! …love the creepy music. :slight_smile:

For me if I really focus on my fitness (esp core & leg endurance) I can make up for my lack of skill w/ extra strength & endurance. e.g. force my way over the bumps, w/ the core strength to bail more easily & have the energy for multiple attempts. Working out w/weights gives the best bang for my time.

That will give me some improvement in my riding w/ a couple days to two wks notice. Actual improvements in skill takes months of regular work for me.