36er for sale

I have a 36 Coker for sell. I’ll only ship with in the USA. $300.00. I have the original seat and extra cranks.

Sold! Let me know what shipping to Portland, Maine will be and we can figure out a payment!

I think 40 dollars on shipping will do. I will cover anything over that. My name is Shawn Flaherty. I have a PayPal account.


This is still for sale.

I’d like to buy it.

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It’s available.

I am new to unicyclist.com. How do I pay/order this and have it shipped? I do not have PayPal.

So I haven’t sold on this forum. I don’t feel it it set up to conduct business on. I joined to see what others where doing in the sport/ hobby. I have a PayPal account and I have Google pay. I would need to know where you live and we can figure out shipping. I can add it into price and have it shipped via FedEx to you. It shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t have those accounts you could sign up on one. It’s free and a convenient way to do these kinds of transaction.

There is no shopping cart or check out it is basically a away to connect a buyer to a seller. My advise is to take your transaction off the public page overs to a private message. If you are both ok with PayPal and have active accounts,. Buyer give the seller your email and they will request the payment from you. Shipping will be up to both of you to work out.

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I got Google Pay set up. Now what do I do?

If you don’t have PayPal you may want to consider setting up an account, it will give you a safe way to pay online. If you don’t want to do that teach out to the seller via private message and make other payment arrangements. Keep on mind us old farts bough things for thousands of years with out electronic payment. Work out a situation you both feel comfortable with.

The person paying does not need to set up a Paypal account. Only the person receiving the money needs an account.
From PayPal:
Does a customer need a PayPal account in order to pay me using PayPal Here?

No. You can accept many forms of payment with PayPal Here, including major debit and credit cards. You can also send electronic invoices and record cash and check payments.

Good to know.

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Is this still available?

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