360 video: Testing the GoPro Max

I’ve been wanting a camera with a stabilizer function, because most of my LA videos from 2018 came out a bit shaky. My first idea was to get a GoPro 7 (or 8), but then I thought a 360 camera would differ more from my old Hero 4, so I got a GoPro Max.

GoPro Max 360 videos looks amazing in the GoPro viewer, but I’ve struggled with editing. Pinnacle 23 is supposed to handle 360 videos, but the output is horrible (maybe I’m doing something wrong). Until GoPro releases the Windows version of their editing application, I have to use my phone (I can pay for Adobe Premier Pro, but it’s rather expencive). I can’t get the regular video editing to work properly on my phone for some reason, but I discovered a function called “overcapture”. Overcapture means that you can reshoot the video on a phone, by watching a 360 video and move the phone around to get the angle you want. You can also zoom in/out with your fingers. The editing is not as precice as I would like, but it’s not bad.

I’ve also uploaded a 360 VR video where the viewer (user) decides what to see by click and drag. This is a just a raw clip, because I’m not able not edit it at this moment.

Any advice or tips on 360 videos is appreciated.

Another one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flzszwxn1t0

I like that last one. I did a tweet linking to it.

Yet another one. This is a 360 edit made from the same footage as the above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQCH3gbLstU

This video shows the main street in Oslo 21.03.2020. Quite a few people out despite of the Corona restrictions. I thought I would have the city to myself, but apparently so did everyone else. Max 90 sec of 360 video on YouTube my GoPro app told me, so that what you get. You have to adjust your resolution to get a decent picture.

Wow! Google VuniMyrra.
That’s wild.