360 unispin

Okay, I have the 180 unispin down. Now I want to learn a 360.
The only problem I have is I don’t know how to hold the seat. Do you actually let go of it during the spin? Or do you just twist up your wrist a bunch?

You won’t need to let go. I think the best way I can explain the hand movement is twist the hand thats higher up on the seat around and kind of grab it with your other hand so it doesn’t get so twisted around. Lol, sorry not the best explanation.


Justin kozy just mad a new video, and it has quite alot of closups on 360 unispins. I am sure you could use it.


Hmmm, in that video it looks like Justin does let go of the seat.

I think I’ll try both ways next time I’m out riding. Danke!!

i let go of the seat, but as long as your tire doesnt come off the ground then you should be fine.


p.s. i keep my hands close though for kind of a guide

just hold on as long as possible and let go then grab right back on

Just air the uni, spin it and you and let it go of the seat when you can’t hold on any more catch it when it have spin about 270 degrees and then just snap those feet in. But don’t jump as high as you think you might, the higher you jump the harder it gets, um, just snap those feet in. And air the uni.


360 unispin

Basicly described by everyone else here. Hold it all the way around if possible given you the most control, your arm will twist. Then catch it with the other hand as it comes around. Sorry couldnn’t be more help


Make sure you don’t take the unicycle off the ground. Try not to let go (you’ll have better control).

I don’t have any tips (mostly cause I don’t know how to do them) but here’s a clip of Dan Heaton doing one.

There is also a clip of a 720 unispin in the sykoproductions gallery.

For a 360 degree uni-spin, you definitely need to let go. Start by just spinning the seat and getting your hands used to the feeling of spinning your seat more than 180. I would also recommend learning a 270 as well. The hardest part is getting the timing straight with your mind and feet. Strat with a 360 to seat in front as well.

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hey everyone, decided to bump my post from like a million years ago, because I have come a long way.

I’m REALLY REALLY close to landing the 360 unispin, finally. so yeah, I’m pretty stoked about it. I can spin it the full 360, and land with my back foot on the pedal, but I haven’t gotten my front foot on yet. the closest I’ve come is my front foot did hit the front pedal, but it hit too far back so the pedal spun and I fell. soo…any tips? I don’t really know exactly what I’m asking for, just advice on how to make sure my front foot is far enough forward to get on to the other pedal, but so it’s still out of the way during the actual spin so the wheel won’t hit it and the seat won’t hit my leg…yeah. thanks in advance

if no one replies, then I expect I’ll just plan on practicing a WHOLE BUNCH, since, you know, that’s generally how I get better at things (: I would appreciate some tips though

Practice is fun!

I think, at this point, all you can really do is just practice and concentrate on landing that foot on the pedal. Good luck.

alright, that’s pretty much what I thought…thanks

Im at the same as you, I almost land them 1 footed, then crash. I just cant get my other foot in…

But I havent pacticed in weeks, my trials uni is broken, and on my muni, well…

You might consider landing on the cranks, I can’t 360 unispin yet but it helped a lot for the 180 unispin.
So that you only have to think about catching the wheel between your feet.

well, the pedals are there but don’t forget you have cranks too.

You’re tiring is coming off the ground. For 180’s I find it easier with the wheel off the ground.

My problem is I land on the wheel after 270. I think I’m spinning fast enough, so my feet either need to go out or up more.
My inclination is a higher hop… I found that helped my 180 consistency.

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