360 unispin dilemna

ok folks please don’t yell at me about searching because i did, but was unable to find what i needed here.

i used to be able to 3spin fairly well, but upon learning crankflips i began to focus on them and kind of lost my 3spin ability. i can styill land it very very occasionally and they’re really sketch. i’m having a difficult time figuring out how to hold the saddle for the spin. i seem to remember reading somewhere that it’s possible to 3spin without taking your hands off the saddle. i’d really like to learn to do them that was as it seems it would be much easier.

is it possible to 3spin without taking your hands off the saddle and land SI?

also could some of you peoples please post a picture of how you hold the saddle when doing a 3spin to seat in so that i might be able to get an idea of some new ways to try the spin. also before anyone points me to youtube, my internet is dub and i don’t have youtube available at the moment so i’m not able to look up any tutorials on there(or any other video hosting website) so a picture of how you hold the saddle would be very much appreciated.

thanks a lot

yes. i am doing all my 3spins that way. maybe i´ll post a picture later, but it is very easy.

start with doing the spin with 2 hands and letting one hand go while the other one ist holding the saddle all the time.
then you can leave the second hand away and do the spin with one hand.

i think landing them seat in is necessary when holding that way

edit: oh, ignore my feet pls xD

awesome. thanks a lot for the input. anyone else have tips or use a different grip for 3spins?

I put both my hands together in the middle of my seat, my front hand is maybe a little farther back that gnomerider’s and my back hand touching, directly behind it. I take my left hand off at the very end to land seat in and catch it with my right.