360 Unispin Competition!

So, here are the rules:
~Can be landed to seat in, seat out, on grass, or on pavement
~Must not have landed one before saying “I’m in” or something like it.
~1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded
~Must be on 19" wheel or bigger
~Must be at least 6 participants.
~Anyone can propose different looking sig trophies if they don’t dig the alternating Red, Magenta, and Blue below.

Sig Trophy will look like:


Oh, and I’m in.

You know I was trying them today and failing. I’ve put a total of maybe 3 hours toward them. Can I still be in?

If so, I’m in.

Yeah, you’re in, but if you had landed them before, you couldn’t be in.

I’d say I’m in, but considering I can only ride 40ish feet at a time once in a while and am on a 24", I don’t think I’ll be doing any 360 upspins any time soon.

I’m in!
I have attempted them a while back and gave up after nutting myself bad on 2nd attempt!
This could also be the motivation i need to get back into uni in a bigger way!
I’m waiting for a friend to come round soon, as soon as she has gone i’ll go and have a practice i reckon!
BTW, so its prob best to video all practive incase i fluke one?!

Yup, I landed one a few weeks back and haven’t landed one since.

You’re not likely to fluke one until you can consistently land on one of the pedals.

That isn’t true. I fluked one, but only got one hop after that before I UPD’d.

I could get one foot on the crank, but it was still shaky, and sketchy. I wasn’t comfortable with it. I didn’t get close to it until about a month later on the day I got them.

I almost never fluke tricks. Once I land them for the first time they just keep coming. I wouldn’t bother filming all your attempts lol. And anyway, what’s the point of learning them if you’re only ever gonna land one?

I remember my first 3 spin. I finally got it after practising for ages, and then I landed another two on my next 2 attempts.

Yeah, i know… i was just a bit too excited when i saw this comp come up as its something i can seriously be involved in :smiley:

I’m down, and i’m warning you all I’m damn close!

im definately in. i’ve been practisng but just cant get it. I’m gonna go and start pratiscing right now

Here it is guys… Still converting.

Clean :sunglasses:

Yeah right… It looked disgusting. I just uploaded the first one I got on film. I was so tired of practicing that trick.

And you had never landed on before? Wow. good job. :slight_smile:

Well it was a lot cleaner than my first 3 spin…

Yeah, it was my first one. I had nothing to do today so I just practiced them for about 4 hours… I had about 3 hours of practice from the day before. So about 7 hours, an ace bandage, and a little advil.

I think I learned them blind, and that’s why I’m having so much trouble landing another.

The 360 unispin I landed was as clean as you’ve ever seen. Landed spot on the spindles of the pedals and rode off. I should be able to do them, but I can’t :roll_eyes:
Probably a total of over 100 hours put in on this.

My 360 jump mounts were 100% consistent after I landed a unispin :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on doing unispins blind(to what I’ve been doing) now, and sadly, I think they’re starting to get better than my “normal” spins.

On the bright side, I’ll be able to do them either direction, no problem :sunglasses:

Nah, probably not worth it.

All I can say is that 540 unispins will be hard as hell for me to learn:o

I got one! I’ll get it on video tomorrow, hopefully. :slight_smile: