360 tips

I can do flatground 270s and shiftys (that last one off of drops) so I think im ready to do 360’s. but id like some tips first

Dang, I thought you were going to give us three hundred and sixty tips.


i’d say just practice. i can’t do one yet but i’m getting closer.

oh, and if you already don’t know, turn your upper body sharply then your lower to match, and pull up your knees to get more time in the air.

not tried with the uni, but on BMX if you turn your head the direction you want to spin, your body will follow. I presume this would work for the Uni aswell. Keep lookin as far over your shoulder in the direction you want to spin and it should help.

360’s are not that hard, I learned in about 3 days. Like zach said, just practice a lot. I also found that when doing 360’s it helps to pull your self around by guiding yourself with the seat handle. Hope this helps.


if youre doing the 360s with a rolling hop, its best to start out be turning a sharp 90 right before the hop. you only have to hop 270 and it gives you the feel for turning completely and riding out in the same direction. once you can do this pretty smoothly, you can start to actually try to get the extra 90 degrees in. also if you watch dan heaton and dan doerkson do them, their arms make a funny movement above their heads… hard to explain, but if you see it you know what i mean. so thats all i have to say. bye, Kevin

Has anyone done a 360 down a set of stairs? Surely you’d be mad enough to try one, tugboat. How big a set of stairs have u dudes done 360s on?

I’ve been tryin to do a 360 (from rolling hop) but it’s pretty hard, if I jump with left foot forward and hold seat with right hand, which way should I be spinning?

I’ve noticed Dan Heaton does them right foot forward and right hand holding seat and he spins left. Wonder if he can do 360s either way?

As for doin it down stairs, I can only clear a 5-set at the moment (no 360!) coz of my glass ankles, I think they might be gettin better now coz I’ve been doin some running which seems to help. I rode down a steep 6 set seat out in front the other day which was new to me.

Another thing, what kinda tricks have people pulled off on ultimate wheels? Have people tackled stairs or crank flips or um, wheel walking? :stuck_out_tongue:


for your question about 360s down sets… i’ve only done a 360 down a 4 set. but in U2, dan doerksen does a 360 down a six set. yeah… 6 stairs… why would anyone do that? i cant understand it. hes a nut. i’m hoping to hit one down 6 this summer though.


I can do rolling hops with either foot forward, but as of now I can only do 360s with left foot forward, spinning to the right. From my experience it seems best and easiest to spin towards your back pedal, since that allows your hips to rotate much more than if you were spinning towards your front foot. As for the hand, I personally use the hand that corresponds to my back pedal, so I switch hands when I switch pedal positions. Dan Heaton uses the hand that corresponds with his front pedal, but I have no idea if he can do spins or high rolling hops with the left foot forward or with the other hand. So to sum it all up, you should definitely spin the direction of your back pedal, but which hand your using doesn’t make a difference, since Dan Heaton and Dan Doerkson spin with opposite hands, both towards their left pedal in the back position.

How did it go with that 360 down 6 stairs, Kevin ?


how big a set have you 360ed eljest? your threes were so awesome in your movie!!!

you will see that in a movie which will show up in the end of novmeber. Yeah thanks.

This is a technique called spotting, only you have it a little wrong. Try to keep your eyes focused on asingle spot, then spin as much as you can untill you have to whip your head around, and then re-focus on the spot when you land. The whip from your head will give you TONS of extra spin.

Also tery to keep both arms tight to your body during a spin, physics will do the rest.

I tried that a bunch, and all I could do was about 180, I was to busy trying to look at a spot.