36" Unicycle

Apparently, my wife has grown tired of the amount of time that I’ve devoted to finding the perfect 36er online. She told me to buy what I want (within reason), and I thought the 36" QX Disc would be ideal. Unfortunately, a reputable source has told me that I may want to be cautious of an asymmetrical hub because of my weight. Plus, shipping to the United States could be problematic, so now I’m back to square one.

I almost pulled the trigger on a Nimbus Titan from UDC today, but I thought that I might want to post my interest here first. Would anyone here like to find a new home for their 36" unicycle? Ideally, I would like to find something with a wide ISIS hub (non-disc); however, I’m open to alternatives.

You might consider this one Nimbus Impulse Disc 36" w/ Shadow Handle and Black/White Accent upgrades

I have nothing to do with it outside of eyeing it’s gorgeousness and wishing I was not just starting out/learning and so not a good purchase idea. I was given a Nimbus Purple Monster but am looking for something better to learn on, and just bought myself the BC Wheel I always wanted.

Thanks! I sent the owner an email.

Good luck with the BC Wheel! I haven’t been down that road yet myself, but they definitely look like a lot of fun. As far as a better learner is concerned, I have the same unicycle that Killian is selling here. It’s cheap and practical for both road and muni. I weigh close to 300lbs and mine has held up great so far.

One of the riders in Phoenix has a 36" Titan he offered to sell me. The guy has two other 36"s and wants to get rid of this one. It has a brake and a nice, rigid, custom touring bar on the front. He was offering a lot less than you could put that uni together for. I rode it around the block. Felt all right, but that was the first time I ever rode a 36", so I felt like a beginner making it around the block for the first time. If you’re interested, send me a PM and I’ll try to contact the guy and see if he wants to talk to you.

I’m interested. PM sent!


Thanks. They’ve always looked like insane fun and it’ll either end up with me eventually trying power kite craziness on, or to play with when the wind isn’t behaving and is too gusty or too little. The place I fly is flat with a quarter mile or so long pavement strip in one direction and then a couple shorter ones perpendicular, and grass fields all around, so perfect for kiting and for these for when the wind and forecast differ.

Thanks. I’d been worried about cheaper ones as I’m 6’0" and 220lbs, so not the smallest lightest guy around. I saw that posting and was debating it, and just starting to look for threads for reliability and opinion inre my weight. I may just have to ask him about it, bonus being I’m only a state away for shipping. The purple monster looks awesome and was an awesome gift, but was from someone who didn’t realize it’d make a bad learner.

I looked up power kites over the weekend. That’s crazy! I can definitely see how, under the right circumstances, a person could have a lot of fun trying to combine that sport with a BC wheel.

As of yesterday, I’m no longer looking for a 36". Please consider this thread closed.

Thanks for all the help I’ve been given in my attempt to find the perfect unicycle! Ultimately, I ended up purchasing a discounted Impulse frame and having a wheel built by UDC UK. Now comes the hard part… waiting.:frowning:

Sounds great! I hope you’ll post pictures when you get it. And in the meantime, practice!