36" Unicycle

I am quite new to the whole unicycle thing, but I’m quickly realizing that I’d like a bigger uni…I’m hoping to go for a 36" as soon as possible, but can’t afford to spring for the 500 or 600 that seems to be the new price…
Anyone got one that they’d like to offer up for sale?
In the 200 range perhaps?

i don’t have the whole unicycle for sale, but i just bought a new frame for my 36er so i’ll sell you my old(in great condition) nimbus titan frame http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/frames-and-frame-parts/26-29-36-inch-frames/nimbus-titan-36-inch-frame.html for $30+shipping. you could start then building your own 36.

$200 range is going to be tough… good luck!
Make sure you try it out, you really don’t want too much flex in the frame and a 36" frame is big enough for that to be a factor.

You can get a new wheel from Coker for $125 shipped. You will still need pedals, cranks, tire, tube, seat, seatpost, and clamp. But with a $30 frame you could piece together a uni for maybe $250-300 especially if you already have some parts.

the frame is literally brand new. i bought the uni maybe a month ago, rode a few times, but since it cold not long rides have taken place. and now that udc is having their christmas sale, i decided to upgrade to a nightrider frame and no longer need the titan frame.

It looks like the new Coker wheels will work with the Nimbus frames… that seems like a good choice.

I had to shim my bearings to fit the Nimbus holder’s, but it’s not hard. If you don’t want to make shims you can buy them from UDC for a few bucks.

Between Coker, and the UDC.US sale you might be able to get this together for under $300 even if you buy all of the parts new (minus the frame). You could even get a Nightrider frame for $50 if you want, it would just add a bit to the bottom line.

Frame: 30
Pedals: 12
tire: 55
saddle: 20
seatpost: 12
wheel: 125
Tube (generic 29’er tube): 5
Rim Tape: 5
torker LX cranks: 25

i received my nightrider frame today so if someone is interested in buying my titan frame it is now officially for sale. again, price is $30 and you pay shipping.

let me know

Max, Get in touch with me via email, I want to buy that frame. You do not have an Email stored into your account so I can’t contact you.