36" uni

Hey i was just wondering if anyone had an old 36" lying around they dont use and are willing to sell for a good deal… if ya do lemme know because i dont wanna buy new.:D:D:D thanks much

Me too! I actually want a top of the line 36er :slight_smile:

I sell unicycle, good price.

I sell unicycle, good condition,good price (around 60-70$). I am in Olympia. If you are interested write me mim25000@hotmail.com

^^^^ That post doesn’t sound like spam at alllllll. . . :roll_eyes:

If you are interested in buying a unicycle you might give us your location (city, country). Shipping is a pain, so you might do well to find a local seller.


I live in fort wayne Indiana…usa…so that one is spam huh? lol…lemme know if anyone has any real 36ers for sale thanks !

I picked up a KH 36 a few months ago, but since then I got a 29" with a geared hub. I haven’t ridden the 36 since I got the Schlumpf so I’d be willing to sell, but I think shipping from Canada would be ridiculous for something that big.
The 36" is in excellent condition and has the double-hole cranks. It’s all stock KH stuff, with orange seat and seat post clamp. However, I do think that anyone not within driving distance will probably be better off getting one from UDC. I’m in NS Canada.