36" Ultimate Wheel

I decided to put my UW36 footage up on youtube


I really enjoyed it. That looks like a good challenge.

Nice one Brian. I’ve never seen a 36" Ultimate Wheel before, and you make it look so easy. I want one too … :slight_smile:

It’s much easier than anything smaller

Wow! I think I just found my next challenge! :sunglasses:


Cool! You’re doing stuff that some would find hard on a regular unicycle.

Wow nice job, might have to try that one day, looks good fun :smiley: keep it up

Holy moly, I want to session that handrail.

wow i never expected that to be so good, i remember hearing about it back in the day,
now, when are you going to release you 36" 40 mm cranks vids?


They are already released

watching that makes me feel like a non-unicycler again. It gives me that mystified feeling of “how the hell does he do that”.

Me too. I was hoping he was gonna grind it on that thing but that would be very hard.

ps…in the first scene of the wheel close up, I’m also holding the camera while I ride :slight_smile:


That was the kick-up mount @1:12 I was telling you about. Run up to give yourself a bit of momentum.

now for the real question, when are they for sale?

…in aluminum.

you should ask justonewheel about that, he designed a really cool aluminum one on an airfoil rim

edit: he just can’t ride it :wink:

I know this is an old thread, but have a simple question.
The bigger the ultimate wheel the easier it is to ride? Or is there a sweet spot where it is best like a 26" maybe, where 20" and 36" are both harder.
Want to increase my odds of success by getting the easiest…thanks

A bigger wheel is a bit easier to ride, but it also tooks time to learn to ride. I needed 2 months to learn to ride my 28"UW. I’ve ridden a 20", 24" and 28" UW. I don’t like the 20".
24" is good for tricks and is a bit harder to ride than a 28".
26" was a good size because you have a big choice of tires, but i don’t know where you can buy it.
I own a 28" and it’s a good size. To ride the big wheel feels good and it’s not too big.
36" could be fun to ride, but it could be too big and heavy. I don’t know is that easier to ride. And it’s hard to get one.