36" Triton Sponge

Thats almost 10 inches. Which would be good enough for me.

Most people buy a 400mm seat post and cut it down to size, but with a ti post, I dont think people will be wanting to cut it down and have a chunk of ti tube sitting in their room. lol

250 seems like a good standard size though.

Sponge suggested that we could provide custom lenghts.
If we can make the seatposts, then we could also offer the custom lenghts…
But not sure yet. It is just a seatpost you know :slight_smile: Custom seatpost sound funny to me :slight_smile:

It is kinda funny. If it happens, im sure people will want them, as long as its light, strong, and rigid, it would be a perfect post to go with a CF base.

I will take your thoughts into consideration…thank you!

***Oh man…custom seatposts :slight_smile:
How much would one pay for it?

up to 80, cause that’s what we dish out for thomsons. Sounds like a decent price, eh?

Only if you didn’t first check ebay, you can get new ones for as low as $30 dollars.

I’m sorry if this has been answered - I know its been asked many times though I fail to find an answer but do we have any idea of a rough estimate cost wise on the 19inch frame?

Also, any chance at making rims? What we need is a nice wide trials sized rim like muni riders have with the Large Marge at 65mm wide.

I really really doubt you would want a rim any wider than the current 47mm.

After around 75% of the tire width, it doesn’t really make all that much of a difference and just adds weight.

The sidewalls of the Duro leopard are straight down to the rim on the Large Marge. Whatever width it takes to achieve that is what I want in a trials rim. Trust me, it makes a difference. Even at the 47mm the tire folds significantly, 55mm or 60mm certainly couldn’t hurt.

Measure your tire, get a company to make some for you.

Can’t you just do it instead?

No, I’d be happy with a 47mm rim.

I’m fine with my DX32.

Really? What kind of riding do you do on it?

I found that after my CC tire was worn in, probably about 5 months of riding on it, it never folded over on the DX rim anymore. I remember how you guys were saying how bad a bald CC tire is, so I went and got a new CC to put on it, and that one folded over like crazy, even when it was around 50psi.

I took the new one off and put the old one back on and folding wasn’t an issue anymore.

Even the tire on my KH folded until it was broken in, now it doesn’t do it anymore. I’m sure if I put a new tire on it, I would get some fold again.

Just saying. =p

I had the exact opposite experience when I got my new CC, thats interesting.

Also, I apologize for bringing this thread so far off topic.

CC tyres are flawed, and extremely poor in quality compared to some other tyres. Direct quote Dani Comas: “It needs improving”… so then came the Monty Eagle Claw. Same style of construction and modelling, but better in every respect. The CC is notorious in the biketrials world for being pinch-flat happy, some people would get 3 flats in one ride in London from their CCs.

But yeah, back to Triton. I think that offering the Ti Fighter post in custom lengths is a good thing, seeing as titanium is an extremely hard, expensive, and valuable metal… it would seem a waste to have to cut it down (plus, you’d ruin dozens of hacksaws by trying to cut titanium!). Of course it’ll be offered in standard 250mm and 350mm lengths, but what’s the shortest length you street riders use? 200mm? 150mm? If you could measure, then that’d be awesome. :slight_smile:

The question on the price has been answered, but yeah it is somewhere deep in that triton topic.
The price of the frame + shipping to US is $445.

As far as the rims are concerned, sorry I we can’t do that. We are mainly into tubing and welding.

Thanks, I appreciate the answer. I may be looking into these in the distant future - specifically for my 24" mountain unicycle.

What about some ISIS tubular cranks?

I disagree, those would be cool to have lying around

definately a piece of ti tubing is awesome… i have a piece of carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich layer in my room… and a bit of a qu-ax alu seatpost at work… its really bad stress relief.

its nice to see custom stuff for trials, not to sure about the rim width. Went from a tryall 47mm to a kh 05 so 42mm and the difference at the start is noticable, but after a while you just get used to it and i found its fine.

Not sure about the ti seatpost, but i’m not against more custom parts!