36" Triton Sponge

Does anyone have any experience with one of these built up (possibly sponge himself?) How does it compare in terms of weight to the new Big one?

Do you mean just a titanium 36" frame in general? I think the only titan frames are the two trials ones Sponge posted.

If there ever was a 36" ti frame, I doubt we’d need a review.

No, one has yet to be built.

gazza said he could do any size

the 19 is the stiffest trails so i doubt the 36 would be bad.

So far, only two 19" trials versions exist. A 36" would be no problem at all, but by no means has one been manufactured quite yet! :roll_eyes:

Just let me know if any of you want a Sponge in any size. Check the little ‘flyer’ in my signature for full details of the frame…

if we want a 42" TI frame, will you build a wheel to go with it? :slight_smile:


Now that’s a great idea. Hmmmm, except we don’t have a tire. Why Coker had to make 2 36’s, instead of a 42 is a bit perplexing. I am pretty sure a 42 would be a huge seller. Most of the riders who own 36ers now would want one.

Perhaps someone should write to the TA and Coker companies and ask how many tires they would have to sell to justify making a run.

I kinda think making the frame would be the easy part. Just welding an extension into the radial frame would be 10 minutes.

I bet a spoke maker could be found easy enough. The rim might be harder.

But it really is the rubber that is holding it all back.

I wish I had enough money to be really curious how many tires would need to be bought to interest a maker. I am sure there is money to be made in the BIG market.

I prefer titanium tires anyways

one thing
READ!!!(end annoyance)

none have been made, but apparently triton has made some frames before, so were those unis titanium?

you could just take 2 coker tires, cut them up, sew them together properly and make whatever size tire you want(up to about 72 inches. not impossible, but almost.

That won’t work.

you would have a verry tough time with a wire bead. the best way to get costum tires is email a coumpany like dugaust or other custom sew-up tire manufacurer

Not to mention the tire is curved in such a way that it just won’t work period.

Unless you go to ridiculous lengths… e.g. Cutting many slits in the tire and removing material then somehow molding it back together… which by the time you find something that can do that, you might as well just make a custom tire.

I am expecting one or two 36" Triton Sponge frame ordered soon.
They may be either Sponge design or U-crown.
I am writing this messege from my PPC right now so I don’t have any pics here. But we did produce 26" U-crown unicycles back in the days for the circus needs.
Never done 36" but we can build one. No problem.
But the price will increase due to a lot more Ti tubing being used. Raw materials is the mosr expensive part in the cost.

I have found one pic.
It looks like 24" to me.
That’s a circus uni we made like 3 years ago.
We did not aim to sell them so the pic is crap :slight_smile:

But it shows that we can make those and can also offer polished finishing.

Integrated seat clamp, I like that.

How much would a Ti seatpost cost?

An integrated seat clamp available as an option.

As far as the seatpost is concerned…Do they look like that one on the pic nowadays? If I had somekinda sketch or a drawing, I could make the calculations…

This is what the standard post looks like. This is the post used on DX, Qu-Ax, Koxx, and KH unis.

Miyata has a different style of post.

All right then.
Thanks a lot for the pics!
I already know what I would have changed in the construction of that seatpost.

I shall discuss it with the engineer.
Would 250mm be enough?