36 or 29

im still thinking of buying a 36 inch unicycle but would a 29 inch uni be a more sensible choice?
currenly my 26 and my friends 24 fits nicely in my boot
if i upgrade to a 29 i know it will still fit ,a 36er wont .
which 29 inch uni should i buy., i like the kris holm but its expensive at £275 ,or is this good value uni i also like the two hole crank option


i would go with the Nimbus 29" ISIS its pretty light and strong.

im not sure if u can upgrade
to the Kris Holm Twin hole Moment ISIS Cranks
but its up to you :slight_smile:

Both the Nimbus 29 and Kris Holm 29 are ISIS, so there is no reason why you couldn’t fit the Twin hole Moment ISIS Cranks on the Nimbus unicycle.


The 36 will not fit in your trunk, but it fits easily in the back seat (I have a corolla, so it may be different for your car). I just put it vertically on the floor of the back of the car and have one pedal go in between the front seats.

It’s not either or but both. The real question is: which one first.

Having a unicycle that fits in your boot (or your shoe or slipper for that matter) is over-rated. Buy the 36 NOW. Don’t hesitate…don’t look back. You can put fancy, short cranks, a super comfortable saddle, even a jet engine and a refrigerator on a 29 and it simply cannot and will not EVER compare to a 36.

there is really not much difference between a 26 and a 29 especially once you start fooling around with different tire/crank combos so I would say just go for the 36.

I have a 20, 26 and 36. Not particularly missing the 24 and 29 sizes but knowing me I will eventually get those too.

And a 36 is really fun in a wide range of conditions. I have 170s on mine right now and it is doing fairly decently as my winter transportation.

The KH wont rust. I think thats a good point especialy seeing as you live in england. Despite taking great care I have put a few scratches and scrapes in my frame and after riding in the mud and rain its nice knowing its not going to rust.

It really depends on what kind of riding you expect to do. Long rides without too much traffic or technical stuff then it’ll be the 36 without a doubt. However, in England, there aren’t that many of those kind of roads about, so maybe the 29 is the way to go.

Almost a year ago I bought a Nimbus 36 which I totally loved. It’s a fantastic beast. However, despite some long rides where it really should have shined, we never quite got on as well as I had hoped. My 8 mile commute to work was actually quicker on my 29. (It’s much quicker still on my 29" Schlumpf… but that’s for another thread!)

If you’re seriously considering a 36er, then take a look in the Trading Post. Zippy is selling one with an Airfoil rim which don’t come up too often in the UK.

The short answer is that we can’t decide for you. You pays your money, you takes your choice!


It’s really fun to be up in the air

On a 36, you can look over the fences as you go by ! Like being 7 feet tall.:wink:
The KH is worth the money, and a lot depends on if you have to stop a lot, hills etc. It really depends on skill level and where you are going to ride. I’m not such a great rider, so if I was in a place where I needed to free mount a lot, or things were tricky, I might wish for a 29. In my flat simple town, I have been happy with my 36 since about my second month riding. In the right place, a 36 is easy, even for a near beginner.:slight_smile:

29 or 36

The nimbus looks like a good choice for the 29" world, the numbus product also has an in-expensive 36" model.

I went the route of a Bedford 29" due to my riding skills and comfort level. My confidence level has grown and my freemounting has improved for a larger diameter wheel. Its hard to say if I would have had the same confidence level if I jumped imediately to a 36"

I’m also pleased with the 29" for riding in the snow. The uni fit’s easily in the back of my vehicle and on my motorcycle.

Give a 29" and try, its pretty versitile.

That’s just crazy talk. These people are wanting us to decide for them. I say it’s time we start accommodating them.

I don’t have a car, but my 36" has been in various car trunks (‘boots’), including Ford Kas and Nissan Micras. They aren’t big cars. You just take the seat off (10 seconds with a quick-release, 2 minutes with allan bolts) and the wheel goes in fine. 36ers are the best.

Obviously it’s preferable to simply ride wherever you’re going! :wink:


Contrary to the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ the answer is 36,

(42 will someday be the correct answer, but only when commercially available.)

29’ers are a lot of fun-and you arent limited to riding on the road with them. You can do some pretty cool off roading with them-But as said before it all depends on the conditions around you to help you decided.

Who ever said 36ers were limited to the road? :roll_eyes:

It’s a matter of decisions and for different reasons. Therefore, I can tell you what I decided to do:

  1. KH 29 for light trails and dirt riding.
  2. Nimbus 36" for long road rides.

Note: If I were to choose between the two unicycles above I could not do it. They are different machines for different purposes in my book. Others may have different opinions. Therefore my advice is to get both if you can. If you can’t at the moment get the one that will match the terrain you will be riding the most.

Riding in the snow -19 C on my 29

What more could a guy ask for.

-19 C, my 29" and 9:00pm

Fun in the snow, year round riding, long distance riding.

Man I love my 29"

Oh yeah, a cold beer when I’m done.

Yes! That’s exactly how it feels for me. I could get by with just one or the other and still be able to ride most of what I do. But that would not be as awesome as having both! The 29er is an awesome workhorse: I can ride it on road, off road, in traffic, around pedestrians in the town centre - and I can still get up to pretty decent speeds on it when I’m on a good surface. It’s also easier to fit into the boot of a car - when there’s other luggage in there, the 36er can get pretty tight.

But there’s nothing quite like a 36 :wink: - it’s fast, it’s smooth, it covers distance. For the things that it’s good at, it’s waaay better than the 29er - sometimes it’s fun even on the things it’s supposedly not as good at.