36" Nimbus Titan Discussion

I’ve heard reviews about the nightrider but nothing about the titan, anyone have one?

My friends getting his on sunday, so maybe I could write something about it, although I’ve never ridden a 36’er before.

Anways, consider this the Nimbus Titan discussion thread! :smiley:

Anything thats been said about the nightrider really applies to the titan as its pretty much the same thing, just with the older radial frame.

I have a feeling that the Titan is up against tough competition at this point, since the Coker Big One frame is significantly lighter (because of the aluminum frame), you still get the double-wall rim, and it costs $30 less. The Big One also has the option of having brake mounts factory installed, while the Titan does not have the option (nor is the rim finished with a braking surface). If I were choosing between these two, it would be the Big One. I think that is why we just haven’t heard much about it, although a review would be nice.

I guess that’s true, however I’d much rather have a KH freeride seat than the Velo saet the coker has, and it’s a $15 upgrade without extra shipping on UDC with the Titan, and roughly $65 with shipping on the Coker, so it kinda balances out.

As for weight, well, I ride a Torker DX, so I’m used to heavy uni’s. :smiley:

I want a Big One with a Nightrider tire and a Freeride seat but no one sells those.

It seems to me if you want a perfect 36er you need to look a little higher end, such as at the Nimbus Nightrider and Nightrider Pro. Why do the ideal options always cost more? I guess that’s just good marketing.

Not wanting to start yet another coker/36er thread, I thought I’d ask here and hopefully someone will know the answer. Regarding the Coker “Big One”, does anybody know roughly when the touring handle and other tire options will be available? This sure sems to be taking a long time to come out.

Also, I remember a while back ppl saying that they got their big one, but it came without the brake bosses! Are they now on currently ordered big ones? I tried contacting Coker cycles, and emailing them as well, but haven’t received an answer yet.

im with terry when is coker going to come out with there handle?

Just rode the Titan today! :slight_smile:
Seemed kind of torquey but it’s the first 36’er I’ve ever rode.
I didn’t have much time to but I can already freemount and it seemed like a really smooth ride.

What do you mean by “torquey”?

It seemed to require more torque than I was used to


The touring handlebar should be available in about a month. Coker is still in the production phase. I was told that they had some last minute changes to the touring handlebar. As far as the Big One, there was some type of confusion in the first release of Coker Big Ones and they did not include brake bosses. As far as I know, they have since corrected this problem. However, to be sure, email Kendall at this email address: KKaylor@coker.com. The other email form on their site is still not working. I cannot believe that they have not fixed that yet. At the same time you might want to ask him for a firm date on that touring handlebar. I hope this helps.


This "Torquey"you speak of, I think I know what you mean. When I first rode a 36’er it seemed I had to put more effort into each stroke in order to get the wheel around. I fixed this easily by making sure my tire is pumped to it’s required PSI at all times. If you think about it, a 36 inch tire with a good width supporting all the weight of a person must be the most exertion a pneumatic tire for a bike or uni is ever under.

I will correct this even more when I buy the nightrider. I think it can take double the PSI of the TA.

The notice about the delayed frames has been posted on their website (after clicking the Order Now link) until just a couple days ago. Now it is gone, so I would venture to say they have that problem all squared away. But as ShannonG mentioned, if you want to know for sure, email Mr. Kaylor. He responds quickly and he’s got all the answers you could want (no guarantee he will release the info, though, naturally). I read on another thread…I’d have to search for it again…something about the plan for both the XLR and the handlebar to come out mid-March. Maybe the handlebar has been delayed now, like ShannonG says, but I’m not sure if that would also affect the XLR.