36" Nimbus Oracle

I’m being pestered by my wife and family to sell my beloved 36” Nimbus Oracle, which I have owned for about 4 months. I won’t bore you with the gruesome details, but a medical issue has made it impractical to ride. Suffice it to say that the unicycle is practically new. I had my local bike shop install a cyclo-computer (the only item not being sold with the uni) and it shows 251 miles. Of course I can’t verify the accuracy, but if anything it might be less. You can see from the photo that the tire still has all the rubber nibs that make it look factory fresh.

I think the uni has fallen on the pedals/plastic seat bumpers less than a dozen times. All mechanicals are in perfect working order. The only faults that I can find are some small chips on the top of the green seat clamp, which came that way from the Unicycle.com as well as some very minor scuffs on each pedal, the seat bumper, and one of the T-Bar handles. As I said earlier it will appear essentially new to all, but the most picky individuals. However, it is NOT new and was used for about 8 weeks starting in late August. All upgrades can bee seen in the photo submitted (or I can be contacted for higher resolution detail photos). Seatpost length is 200mm.

Here are the particulars including what I paid:

2013 36” Nimbus Oracle with disc brake $900
KH Freeride saddle upgrade $ 25
KH 127/150 Spirit ISIS Cranks upgrade $ 65
KH T-Bar touring handle $110
KH Starfighter brake extender $ 25
Wellgo Green magnesium pedals $ 39
Total Spent $1164

I am asking $775. I will also pay the first $50 towards shipping. That is roughly $400 off retail plus part of the shipping. I have already re-crated it in the original unicycle.com box. I have wrapped the main fork, seatpost, saddle and brake handle in bubble wrap, which improves upon the packaging when bought new. I will double check with my local bike shop any make any final packaging adjustments that they recommend. Payment method to protect both the buyer and me is Paypal. I am a verified address member. I will ship only to Continental US via FedEx ground with insurance. This is a big (roughly a 40” x 40” x 12”) box. Buyer portion of final shipping cost will depend on where you live in the US. I am in OK and the box will ship out of my local bike shop with tracking # after funds are received.

As sad as it is to see it go, someone else should be enjoying this fine unicycle.

where are you shipping from?


He is in Oklahoma.

Looks like a great deal for a serious buyer.

Sorry about your life changes…

shipping and shipping costs

I am shipping from north-central Oklahoma. I had my local bike shop weigh and measure the box and quote me some FedEx ground shipping charges. The box weighs 26 pounds exactly and is something like 36" x 36" x 8".

Shipping to Portland, OR was something like $55. To Austin, TX $40. The bike shop owner also picked some address out east, which was also $50. These quotes includes $800 insurance.

Since I am paying the first $50 shipping it’s conceivable that the purchaser might not be out more than $10-$20 maximum for shipping.

2013 36" Nimbus Uni PRICE REDUCED!

Although I have had several nibbles and may “views” of my ad no one has deemed the listed price acceptable so I’m dropping the price by $140 to $635 plus 1/2 shipping. I have checked with my local bike shop and I can’t imagine that shipping will add more than $30 to the purchaser’s final price.

The new price is roughly 45% off of list (including $30 for shipping) for a nearly-new Nimbus 36" Uni complete with all of the accessories listed in the posting above. I’m not in any rush to sell, but it seems a shame to have it just sit in a box. As I mentioned it’s ready for immediate shipment in it’s original box from my local bike shop as soon as I receive the money via Paypal.

If you are interested and want to know what your half of the exact shipping charge would be email me with your city and zip code and I will ask the bike shop owner for a quote. Again, I’ll only ship CONUS through FedEx ground. Reread my classified above for clarification of unicycle/accessories particulars.

Thanks for looking,


I would have if you were in England but the shipping and customs charges will cancel out any saving I would have made. :disappointed:


Been interested in trying a 36er
gf is going to kill me good…

If Nate128 passes, please pm me. I am interested.

Thank You!

I’ll also get in line.

This Item is sold. Thanks Nate!