36" Nimbus Nightrider tire

This is the only part of my 36er that survived my car accident a few months back, but I’m really happy with the KH29 I replaced it with. It wasn’t doing any good sitting on a bent rim in my garage, so I figured I’d let it go. It’s in great condition; I rode it to school a couple times on nice Palo Alto roads, and a couple random rides here and there. I’d say it’s got around 10 miles on it. I’m too lazy to take/upload my own pictures, but it looks exactly the same as the one posted just a few weeks ago. Honestly I’d be fine with like $30 which is low, but I would prefer that I not have to deal with shipping since I don’t have any boxes and it’s just more work. I’m in Palo Alto (SF bay area), and in a week I’ll be in LA for a few days, so if someone down there wants it just let me know and I can consider it sold for you.

PM sent. Thanks.


Sold! That was even quicker than I expected.