36 Nimbus Nightrider Pro ISIS; T7; $500

Excellent condition. Very low miles; still has tire whiskers. I’m asking $500. One owner, I bought it new in Oct 08.

Features: ISIS hub, KH Moment 165/137 cranks, T7 handle, brake mounts to fit Magura HS33 brakes, Nightrider tire, KH Fusion Freeride saddle. This is the popular Roger Davies frame design that includes CrMo construction, twin fork legs, reinforcing plates, triangulated crown supports. This rigid design increases fine control of the wheel, reduces stress on the bearings increasing their life, and enables improved cornering.

I’d like to keep the cranks if possible, so I’m willing to adjust the price.

Located in Portland, OR.

Selling because I bought a geared 29er.

Buyer pays shipping, but I’ll carefully package and handle it for free.


Unidreamer - I just PM’d an offer…

Trade you for a 24 schwinn and a 29er with t-7 bar plus cash.

My quiver of unis is pretty full

Thanks, but I’m not really interested in a trade unless it’s something I just can’t live without. Right now I can’t even think what that might be.

I am interested.
I was thinking along the lines of $460 without cranks?
Could you quote me a shipping price for: Racine Wi, 53404?

Looks like I pretty much have a done deal on the sale. Your offer would have been very attractive though had I received it earlier. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

I understand! No problem.
I’ll be here!
Please also post if the sale becomes final.