36 Inch Mountain unicycling

Excellent, very inspiring!

Nice ride. I like big muni :slight_smile:

Very cool … Looks nice a nice trail :slight_smile:

That is really good.:slight_smile: Lovely trail and holding a camera at the same time :astonished: :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

Awesome video! Looks like a great trail to ride.

Mooie clip René!!

Mooie video René, dat ziet er weer professioneel uit!

very fast

Nice video, makes me want to ride my 36er again.

That looks so fun! Someday I’m going to get over my fear of riding that high and purchase a 36’’ muni!

Love the trail!

I really like seeing the speed you can get with the 36 off road. I imagine it helps get up those smaller hills, too.

loved the video

That looked like so much fun

For some of the smaller hills i use the speed to get up there.