36-inch Coker "The big one"

Sorry to recant but an emergency has come up. Sorry about the offer.:frowning:

it’s okay, shipping this thing would be costly.

still looking for a local buyer.

i.e. someone who can drive and pick it up. shipping quote to LA looks like $108 fyi.

a full bike shipped from Chicago to flagstaff as was only $52.00 and it weighed 42lbs. you should look into that. I even had it picked up at he bike shop and that was to my door. sometimes bike shops get better deals on shipping. just a thought…

Thanks for the info. Will definitely look into that


36" Coker with handlebar, brake and computer. $350? Less than 400 miles.

Checked some FedEx rates today and I think I can offer $400 shipped in the CONUS!

Please check with me though, because depending on where you live it could be less.

Does anyone know how to avoid paying PayPal 3%? Maybe one of the new companies like Dwolla?

Dang! wish it was that price when i was shopping for a 36er! Good luck on the sale!

Hey shadowsun, congrats on the 36er!

Does anyone know Paypal alternatives? Having that fee really drives the price up.


I know a few people use USPS money orders, I’m not sure about the security, But there has to be some or else it wouldn’t be in use.

Confused with Thread

The unicycle photos you have posted for this sale are the same ones posted on 9/4/2011 by Skivie777 on a post to sell a coker “big one”. “For Sale: USA] Coker The Big one” That one was for sale for $300 and apparently sold locally. Did you buy that one in Sept. and you are now selling it? If so, what have you modified on it since you bought it? Do you have photos of it now rather than photos taken by the guy you bought it from? Why are you asking more than you paid?

I just bought a 26er from Wanderling and it appears he had bought it a few months earlier from here, and yes, he sold it for more than he bought it for. I don’t really have a problem with that, but im not so happy with how our transaction went: the shipping price changed after I had committed, and he shipped it parcel post rather than 2 day as he originally comitted. Plus, both tires it came with would qualify as “very worn” to “worn out” in my book.

Bottom line, I like the uni, but it was priced high for what it is. I’m sure the 36er is a fine uni, but I’d ask for current, detailed pics, and specific shipping info, insurance, and ship dates before buying.


I’m selling the Coker because it’s wise to do so given my situation. Sure, I can take some recent pics. I didn’t add anything except <50 miles. Overall it’s in top-notch condition except for the handlebars which are scratched from falling.

I paid the previous owner to drive it to me. Shipping a 36er is mad expensive and a pain in the butt. Definitely follow Samstoney’s advice since I suck at shipping. I forgot to include the Paypal fee the first time. Now I’m thinking of using Dwolla, which apparently charges a flat $0.25 and does the same thing Paypal does. I don’t have a good way to weigh it or figure out how small I can pack it down without actually doing it so my shipping quotes are estimates.

The cheapest Coker I can find is $500 shipped from UDC. That seems very fair to me and I can’t do a whole lot better, knowing all that’s involved. I don’t even like the idea of shipping it since we’ll just be giving FedEx $80-100.

I’m planning on using FedEx this time if I have to ship it. That would take four days (sorry again for parcel post!). I’m thinking something like $450 shipped/$350 pick-up. It’s very hard to do better. If you’re close-by and want it shipped, let me know since it may in fact be less. I know Texas or farther (I’m in Michigan) is over $100. Let me know if you’re willing to do Dwolla and if you have a suggestion for how to do things better. Thanks,

wanderling out

Stand by for pics

hey is it still for sale???


No one has bought it yet.

Could you put up some recent pics?

Ah, yeah… I’m on it. Give me a day or so.

ok thanks

I have a Nimbus touring 29er in blue that I am considering selling. Great shape and 3 sizes of cranks. Any interest in a trade + $?

If so pm. I am in the Los Angeles area so shipping would be necessary.

Here you are.

Tire tread.

Entire Coker.


Computer. If you buy soon, it’ll probably have <400 mi.

Hub and spokes.

Brake and handlebars. Scratched from UPDs.

Any questions please ask. $350 pick-up $450 shipped east of Mississippi $500 shipped west of Mississippi. Alaska and Hawaii check your local listings!