36-inch Coker "The big one"

Hello and thank you for reading my post.

I have two unicycles that I’m willing to sell for a good price, reason being I can use money for a car and I’m thinking about buying a 29er.

This is a 36-inch Coker “The big one”. It is gray and black.

Includes brake, handlebar, odometer-gauge
Good condition (4.5 out of 5)

I’m fairly active, so PM or reply will work
Please ask any questions

Will ship
Pick-up preferred
I live in Michigan

Do you have picture, price? Thanks.

price/pick up

yea if u could post a price and pics that would be great…i live in indiana and am willing to pick it up. thanks . cheers!


Dear UniFun and uni_newb,

Here are pictures:

I’ve put 5 miles on the unicycle since those were taken.

I’ve scraped my knees and elbows while learning to ride this, but there’s nothing like riding a 36er. With a helmet, wrist guard, knee and elbow pads and determination you have nothing to fear!

Since I don’t have a price in mind, can you tell me what you’d pay for it?

It’s always easier to accept or reject a price than to set one. Plus, it’ll help me understand how much I value this unicycle.

Sorry one more question, just wondered what size cranks are on it, they look short like 114s or 110s.

I guess since uni_newb is close and could pick it up if he wants it that would be easiest for you, if that doesn’t work out I will check back. Thanks for the follow-up.

They’re 150 mm

Taking offers :slight_smile:

PM me I’d love to talk to anyone

Make that 7 and a half… so much fun riding it. Plus, I think I just passed the skill level where I’m prone to hurting myself with UPDs.

PM sent

see this is still open

I was wondering if you still have the 36 inch Coker for Sale?

Yes, I’m willing to consider offers, but I will need some convincing to part with it as it’s my main unicycle at the moment.

The same goes for my 26" Muni but to a lesser extent. Someone had asked me about shipping to Poland… does anyone know how to calculate this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.

whats the price? Is it a secret

I offer $250.00

Contact me soon

I already offered $325 and he didn’t take it.

If people don’t list a price you should not even respond to the post.


this guy is not serious, just a loser wasting everyone’s time.


Is that the 29" trainer? I might trade my 26" Nimbus muni for that + money.

As for my 36", I’m having too much fun with it right now. :o

Made up mind to sell this (finally).
Sorry to those who were interested before.

Coker The Big One with handlebar, computer and brake

I’m preferring pick-up with this one because of shipping cost.
For example, sending it to LA would cost $160.07 for 4 business days…
I then did Ohio as a test (one state over) and it was $104.68 for 1 business day and that’s if I get the slimmest possible box and lie about its value.
I think no one will want it shipped- if you know a cheaper way/how to do it please let me know.

That all being said, basically looking for ~$350 for it, precluding shipping.
My assumption here is that shipping puts it out of a reasonable price range, if I’m wrong about that please let me know.

Thanks in advance

I’ll do $350 and you can slow boat it to me. Take your time on the shipping.

Thanks for your time,