36” in NY for $100?

This is not mine, but I found the listing on Facebook marketplace.

Could it be ?? Seems too good to be true.

It says that it is a 35” wheel.

Shipping $8.94

Waaayy too cheap. Wonder if its a scam or stolen.

Seems too good to be true. However, years ago my son sent me a text that said, “Dad, we HAVE to buy this! Can it be an early present? I don’t care what present you make it for. It can be birthday, AND Christmas, and anything else. Please?” Something like that.

It was a Nimbus Nightfox that had hit the ground as many times as it had been ridden (maybe 10?). So, the only evidence it had been ridden was scratched handlebars.

Turns out the guy had decided to sell everything, and book a one-way ticket to Australia and take only what he could carry in a backpack. The Nightfox was the last thing he had to sell, as everything else had already sold. He was asking $250. I drove 4 hours and met him at his house at 12:30am. He even gave me a set of juggling clubs and a Bontrager air pump as part of the deal. At that point, he had sold everything and was ready to go.

That is the best unicycle deal I have found so far. The runner-up was a Coker that was listed for $100 an hour away from me, but I responded two hours too late. It was picked up the following day.

So I would inquire about this one, but I would definitely have my “scam radar” turned on.

A photo of my son’s Nightfox is attached.


Sounds like a scam. Lots of scams on marketplace

I tried searching for it and couldn’t find it. But I’m in pa. Could be “sold” or taken down. Looks very suspicious to me but it could be someone selling that doesn’t know what they have, maybe they stumbled onto it, who knows. Another thing I find people post a low price but it’s not the real price and they up on the actual description page. The shipping sounds very fishy for sure.

Did anybody here buy this 36er for $100?

I did buy it, however he never shipped it so Facebook canceled the order by default.

Weird that a scammer would target unicyclers. I would think that we’re just too tiny a group and too niche a market. They’re pretty clever though. The Nigerian Prince scams are only the particularly dense tip of the iceberg. I’ve seen a few involving spoofing email addresses or selling underpriced goods that were just judgement calls on my part. It sounded too good to be true, so I just passed up that chance at a bargain.

Did you keep your money?

Facebook doesn’t pay out until it is shipped. I sell on Facebook and have had people attempt to scam more than I have had sales. My advise if you buy buy local and if you sell sell local. Anything shipped or asked to be shipped is an opening for fraud. eBay is a much safer venue for buying and selling.

Facebook doesn’t charge anything until the item was shipped, so I never got charged. I figured for $100 I would give it a shot. I was wishing it was for real, been looking for a 36” for a while

You paid for the 4 hour drive too.

Oh that’s good. Anyway, i’m sure a 36er will come up for you.

4 hours is long drive but to know you’ve bought it is great. If it was me, if the location it was being sold in was somewhat attractive and interesting I’d think about making a weekend out of it - ie. explore the area too, make the most of it. Of course, if it’s a boring place… no need. But maybe there’s some nice places to see on the way back! :slight_smile:

You are correct, Brian.

As a matter of fact, the drive was a 9 hour round trip drive. So, I saved $500 by driving 9 hours and getting back home at 5am. And, I had to pay for a tank of gasoline. It may sound crazy but it was worth it, given the number of hours and the number of miles my son has put on it.


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