36" coker

Due to physical problems, I’m selling my coker aka “the beast”.

Coker The Big One 36-inch Deluxe with:
Kris Holm Rail-Type Adapter
GB Handle
Primo Rod Seat Post (cut to fit my 30" inseam)

Due to surgery and other stuff, it only has 1 mile on it.

Asking $500 plus shipping from Idaho.
I do paypal

pm me or bsd4me@cableone.net



$ :sunglasses: 350.00

Would you be willing to sell the gb handle seperately?

not at this time. If someone were to want just the wheel, then I would :wink:

I’m interested. Could you post some pictures please?

I’ll try. All I have is my cellphone camera :frowning:

Alright, whatever works–I just like to see pics before I buy anything used.

Tried getting a pic with cellphone, but it didn’t upload to my album on cellphone company :frowning:
Will try later and if it doesn’t work, I may be able to get my hands on one tomorrow.
Not much wear and tear on a wheel with less than 1 mile on it :wink:


didn’t get the camera today. Here’s a pic with the cellphone


Is the coker sold?

Is the coker still available? When you cut the seat post, is all the excess cut off? I’ve got a 34" inseam, so I’m trying to figure if I’d need a new post.

Sorry, been busy and haven’t been on here.

At this moment, it is still for sale.
The post extends to about 1/2 inch from the wheel.

For those that have asked, here is an link to read about buying the coker:


how much would you want the wheel set for if he still wants the upper half

We have to move quickly, so I would like to sell the coker.
Where I am going, there will be absolutely no need for it. I’ll get by with 20" + 25".

Price is $350.00 plus S+H

Again, the coker has less than 1 mile (actually about 1/4 mile) on it. No extras have been attached to it. All parts are “brand new”.

For more info about it, you can read what was posted when I bought it:

email me at:
al7oj@aol.com or

I have and use paypal.
Moving companies will be here before this weekend to give estimates, so I’d like to sell this if possible.



Opened email to send an email and I had email from paypal. A buyer sent money for unicycle and shipping, so he gets it.
Our moving is pretty much an emergency move, so I had to move the coker quickly.

Coker is disassembled and ready to go out in the am.

Hope everything is ok.


Best of luck with your recovery and move oldfatboy!

Thanks Chrashing.
Had a couple of moving company reps here the last 2 days giving estimates.
They were quite impressed when they saw the coker wheel sitting there :slight_smile:
I was sure looking forward to spending many a mile on it. Oh well, wasn’t good seeing it in storage knowing it was going to be there for some time before I could ride it.
New owner should keep it busy :slight_smile:

You need to change, “My Coker is sweet”, to “My Coker is sold”.
I hope you can get back up and ride soon.