36" Coker Big One w/Brakes, handlebars & extras - So.Cal. $450

I bought this unicycle a few years ago from Unigeezer. He had used it very little, and I’ve used it less…I’ve probably ridden it no more than 2 miles. It’s great fun to ride, but for basic riding I prefer my 29", so there’s no reason to keep this one around. It has the Coker button tire on it with almost no wear at all. It has brake mounts and comes with the brakes supplied by Coker, but I’ve never attached them. It currently has plastic Twisted pedals on it and Coker cranks (seem to be 125mm). It has a black seat post that has a textured finish–assuming it’s the alloy one, which I think I bought after-the-fact from unicycle.com. I have cut the current seat post to be right for my height (approx 5’8") but it can still be raised a bit higher still to accommodate a slightly taller rider. The saddle is a Kris Holm Freeride, which I also bought right after buying the unicycle, so it is also essentially unused too. No wear at all to the saddle - I don’t think it ever hit the ground.

Extras you get with the unicycle include the Coker handlebars, which I purchased around the same time and they do have a few scratches from hitting the road (used them on my 29", but didn’t care for them). You’ll also get an extra set of what I believe to be 150mm cranks. Of course, all the parts for the brakes, the original Coker saddle (which is in new condition, but I found to be terribly uncomfortable), an extra aluminum seat post, which I think is the original one supplied by Coker, and has not been cut or used (25.4 x 359mm). You also get the Exustar pedals that I believe to be the ones that came with it originally. Sorry, but you can’t have the red tail light that is attached to it in the picture! :frowning:

So you really get a lot of great things with this, and it’s all in almost new condition, even though it’s a few years old.

I’d like to avoid having to ship this, so I’m giving preference to those who can pick this up locally. I live in southern California, in the Riverside area (a little south of it), but could possibly arrange for meeting as far away as LA, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, and may even be able to meet up with you at some point if you live around Vegas. See the pics and let me know if you have any questions or would like to meet up and look it over.



how wide is the wheel?

sorry, i mean tire

A GUITAR STAND, AWESOME! I never would have though about that… haha. Good luck on the sale.

Would you part out the breaks and maybe bars?

Sorry for my delay in responding…

According to the Coker website, it is 2.25".

Yeah, it doesn’t work quite as well for the 36" as it does for 29" and smaller, but after hanging my guitar on the wall, I thought I could still put the stand to good use! :slight_smile:

Not quite ready to yet, but might consider it before too long.

Really? You’re not very far away from me…cool. Interested in a 36er? :slight_smile:

HI there. Just joined the site today, first time I’ve seen this post. I live in San Diego. Is your 36er still for sale?

SOLD! Thanks.