36" ambition- advice from riders

Hey guys and girls,
it’s been on my mind for a good while and i think i am finally in the position to be able to go all out and make myself a nice 36 commuter unicycle. I am looking for advice on parts, brands and setups. This is what i am thinking at the moment

  • The new Nimbus frame
  • UDC extra wide hub
  • airfoil rim (hopefully not one of the dodgy miss sized ones)
  • KH freeride seat
  • KH rail adapter and post
  • some cheap metal pinned pedals
  • Big apple tyre

I’ve heard of people complaining about the weight of the inner tube for the 36" wheel and think that tubeless might be the way to go. Any experiences or advice on this?
I am also looking for a cheap set of maguras HS33’s on ebay- one for my muni and the other for this baby (but this might have to be a retro fit job due to money issues)
What crank length would you recomend for a 36"?
This is going to be a substantial unicycling investment for me so i’m trying to make sure i do things right and use the knowlege of all the experienced riders out there to get the best ride possible,
thanks a heap,

I think you will have trouble fitting a 29" big apple tire on a 36" inch rim, I would suggest the TA slick tire :wink: The Nimbus frame is a pretty good frame, I don’t see much benefits to the original radial, qu-ax or other standard ‘fork style’ frames. I had an extra wide hub on my airfoil 36" and it’s a pretty sweet ride, however now I have a less wide hub it seems that I’m leaning more towards less wide flanges now, it all comes down to personal preference. I think you will have trouble finding a none X airfoil rim at the moment, however several companies are working on 36" rims now, I have seen one of the newest and I can say it’s comparible in strength and weight to the airfoil, you might want to wait a little longer, I’m thinking 1-2 weeks here before I’m allowed to release more information and the products will be in store.

Rail adapter + seat are a good choice, I like that you’re thinking in metal pinned pedals you will really need those. For the frame you can spend the extra money on the design or just buy the cheaper Qu-Ax or Coker frame (ask for 25.4mm seat tube for your rail adapter).

I suggest you wait a little longer before buying a 36" while the new ones may be released any time now.

As Dustin says, the Big Apple isn’t an option for a 36" wheel. Well, not yet anyway!

However, as you’re in Australia, I think that UDC over there only has the older stock (ie correct size) Airfoil rims, so you should be lucky there.

I’ve recently been through the same decission making process as you, and opted for a Nimbus from UDC. I went for the standard steel rim, which will do me fine for a year or so, and then I can appreciate the upgrade when the sizing problem is sorted out.

The standard build here comes with 150mm cranks, although I struggled with those until I swapped to 125s which are much better.

I also picked up some Maguars from eBay, and fitted these a few weeks ago. I’ve not had the chance to test them out anywhere safe yet, so as yet still haven’t got to use them.

I wasn’t sure if I needed the T7 handle or not, but decided to get it anyway, and I’m so glad i did. It’s fantastic. It just feels so right. I’d thoroughly recommend one of those to you.


I have the nimbus 36" with a T7 as well and here’s my $0.02:

The T7: You must have this. It offers so much control and stability over the standard plastic handle, is placed at a much better angle compared to the GB4 and as a small bonus also has an independent mounting system that lets you keep your plastic grip style handle. The way it attaches also prompts for a rail type seat post which can be adjusted to fit your riding angle which in my opinion is a nice addition to the unicycle’s overall versitility. It also has places to mount every cycling accessory you may ever need. ever. seriously.

The Nimbus Frame: One word: Stability. So much more stable while turning than the basic 36" fork used on the radial 360/Coker. I suggest it.

DX Pedals: A Must have. I’d suggest the DX pedals UDC sells or if you’d like a slightly smaller pedal, go for the snafu pedals ( http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=524 ). The Nimbus comes with metal DX pedals AND plastic pedals IIRC, so an upgrade to the snafu pedals would only be a few more dollars if you liked them better.
The Freeride Saddle: Definitely an improvement in comfort. If you’re considering cutting options out on the initial purchase, you may want to get the stock nimbus saddle and upgrade to this later when you do longer rides as I find the first 20 miles the same on either saddle. After 20 miles, the freeride saddle tends to keep me more comfortable for a longer period of time.

The Airfoil Rim: Great improvement over the stock steel rim. Brake mounts on the nimbus frame arent going to be of much use on the steel rim anyway. I’d wait a few weeks to see if the new 36" rims resolve the size problems that the current batch of airfoil rims have though. I had to set my tire back on my X rim a few times and finally it is staying with the help of tubular tire glue.

Overall, go for the nimbus style if you want a good rugged cycle that will take you places. I’ve only had a chance to ride a 60 mile day on mine, but its well worth it as I remember dying on my 29" with a GB4 handle on anything over 30 miles.