36" a long Cabo Tinhoso

Hello!, this is my first vídeo shared here.

A good ride near of Cartagena, Spain.

I hope you like.


I like it very much! Appreciate setting up the camera and getting the shots in while still doing your riding, not to mention the editing and uploading of the video.

Thumbs up to a fellow 36" Oracle rider.

Great video! (I particularly liked you passing the bike rider at the 3 minute mark.) Good job!

Great video! I liked your music selection.

Gracias guys, good to share with 36"'s fans.

AWESOME!!! This makes me miss Spain! I visited that castle and forgot about it until you posted the video. Everything looked familiar, so I looked up a map of Spain, and sure enough, that’s one of the many places we visited! I miss the beautiful ocean views there. Everything was as you recorded…SO BLUE!!! Thanks for sharing!

Great to watch…we hope to be in Spain for a few months in the autumn/winter…I wasn’t going to take the 36…?

Loved it.

Very inspiring!

great overtaking the bike