3500km unicycle tour across Australia

Hi all!

Just a quick note to announce our 3500km tour from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. There are two of us riding, self supported. Well, “self supported” with the help of snacks from chatty tourists…

Riding from north to south, naturally, so it’s downhill all the way :wink:

Raising money for the Little Heroes foundation

Posting along the way:
Facebook page

Good luck Suedey and Smanna! :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to the updates

We’ll meet again, don’

Suede, remember if you can get the mice to ride unicycles, then technically it’s not a mouse supported tour!! Looking forward to welcoming you back to Glenelg in a few months time :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome! Have fun :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Sounds like you are in for a memorable journey. Australia, probably not a better piece of earth to see on a uni. Safe travels.

Awesome trip… Good luck :slight_smile:

It looks like a grand adventure. I will look forward to reading the updates.

I notice you are both starting with bug netting. Do you anticipate lots of bugs? Are all the bugs in Australia really venomous?

Have a great trip!


it looks great :slight_smile: how much stuff you carry with you?
I’m interested in joining my friend on his long trip just for a few days, but I must be self supported then. So I’m happy to see that it works for you.
Good luck!

Hey guys, sounds like a really fun ride and for a good cause! I hope the weather is good all of the way and the locals treat you like royalty - be safe and watch out for the roadtrains

Cool, have fun!

Good to see how much stuff you have strapped on to the uni. I’ve done a bit of self-supported touring and found that the more on the uni the better!

Looking forward to updates


I agree with Sam – nice uni setups. Seems you’ve gotten the water-on-uni part figured out. Key.

Good luck!

Good luck! Sounds like something I’d like to do someday :slight_smile:

When are you expecting to arrive in adelaide? Could potentially meet you at the finish line :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck David !

Sounds like a great adventure. Wishing you both good luck and success!

Disappointed to miss you, I only left Katherine for university in Melbourne a few weeks ago :frowning:

Good luck with the trip!

Hi everyone, a quick update from the road.

We’ve had a great start to our charity ride, made it into Katherine last night.

It’s taken several days of equipment adjusting - anyone that’s tried to stash gear on a unicycle frame knows it isn’t as easy as it looks - but now we’re finding our routine. Did our best day yet yesterday: 91kms

Lots of smiles and support, even had our first “wheel to wheel” donation passed to us while riding at top speed! *Great vibes from all.

We’re raising money for The Little Heroes Foundation who support child survivors of cancer. Wish we had more time to spend on PR - everyone we meet is very supportive… cough cough hint hint http://www.littleheroesfoundation.com.au/p144.aspx

Would love to post pics here but am on my phone. Lots of pics elsewhere though!*



Facebook page:

Thanks for all your kind words, they help keep us riding!

That’s amaizing David ! Enjoy your tour

Forum update

Rolled into tennant creek yesterday, 1000kms done, feeling quite satisfied.

Lots of ice cream and frozen grapes today on our rest day. *

The riding has been pretty solid - been having issues with keeping bike shorts dry - and the problems that follow keeping such areas damp and rubbed - but we’ve got extra pairs sent out to Alice Springs that should help rotate them while others dry. Nothing says class like meeting folks for the first time with your grimy shorts airing on your backpack… Heehee

The traffic is quieter still, maybe 5 cars an hour or 20 when busy. People are wonderful, always keen for a wave n chat. The further south we get the greater the reaction - very much looking forward to getting back into South Australia.

Traffic to our blog (http://unitramps.com) went wild after Sman did a series of radio interviews and a couple news articles (it’s a great break for me to have someone who enjoys doing the media)

Alice springs (middle of Australia), you’re up next.*



You guys are killing it!!! Have fun in Tennant Creek :slight_smile: