3500km unicycle tour across Australia

Monday 4-4-2011 half page picture and story in the Sydney Morning Herald page 5 ,well done.http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/lifematters/riding-through-the-outback-one-revolution-at-a-time-20110403-1ctbt.html



From the article: “Unicycles are a modern day version of the penny farthing?”

I thought penny farthings were the modern day version of penny farthings??? Haha. We are going to have a welcome home ceremony in Glenelg for Suede and Sman when they reach their final destination, any SA riders should come along and welcome them home…:slight_smile:

Ahh, so glenelg is their final destination? sweet, might come down then if i have a spare moment. When are they expected to reach Glenelg?

How long do you think it will take to complete the ride. Well done so far, you’re doing a big tour!

Stuck in Glendambo for an extra day, a perfect time for an update.

We’re about 600kms from Adelaide and are really looking forward to the leg south of Pt Augusta. It’s been a while since my last update!

Sman had her tyre blowout near Uluru and she cracked her rib and a couple other minor injuries (see our blog for a gratuitous boob shot), but recovered ok after some rest. I rode the (patched) dodgy tyre for the next 600kms till the replacement arrived and now I can breathe again when riding!

It’s super lush out here, everything is green. Roaring fires when we find the wood (and some cheeky dingos snapping near our feet at night!)

Had a crazy day getting into coober pedy - conditions were perfect so we did the 153km stretch in one day.

It’s been a wild ride so far! For any folks out in Adelaide, join us for the final leg of Adelaide city to the beach, around the 28th may. Will have more details later.


Go Suede and Sman! I’ll spread the world with the Adelaide crew, you’ll have an armada of wheels to bring you guys home! :smiley: