35 Foot unicycle

Did you guys happen to see these videos:

This is amazing stuff.


That man has some kahunas.

Nice an’ Retro. :slight_smile:

Crazy!! :astonished: I wouldn’t have the guts to do that!! How do you learn without killing yourself??

The news report even said he fell off the thing once. I’d be done after that, but not this guy!

I’m not too impressed.

The world record for tallest uni is over 100 feet. Riding a uni that is 30 feet high takes more guts than anything. Though I’ve never ridden a uni that high, I have ridden one that was over 10 feet, and it took some getting used to, but in the end it was easy to ride. I think if you work your way up 30 wouldn’t be that different.

Where’s the unispin? :stuck_out_tongue:

The worlds “Tallest” unicycle is a phony. The guy had the unicycle strapped to a crane. Denis had his ass strapped to the seat with gravity. Guinness wouldn’t recognize Denis because it was “too dangerous”. Nobody ever rode a higher unicycle freestyle.

Comments about a question posed on AnswerBag.com

I was looking at answer bag the other day and found a reference for the “World’s Tallest Unicycle That Can Be Ridden”, found here:

It seems that a “Super Dave” Frisoli (he must be a relation to Denis) has put up a $4000 bounty to prove that the record that Guinness touts is a fraud. In my opinion, he’s right. If Sem Abrahams really can ride a 115 foot tall unicycle, then a 35 footer would be easy for him. Why doesn’t he stop by and scoop up the “EASY” 4 grand? There must be a reason, and the inability to ride a unicycle “Freestyle” must be it.

Your record is a joke Mr. Abrahams. Guinness is a joke as well to tout it.

Carl Coyne

what size cranks on a 30footer? they look big!

In the first video I see a Canadian flag. Is he Canadian?