32” wanted

Hi everyone, I’m from Hampshire in the uk and I’m on the look out for a 32” unicycle to have a go on and to buy. I’m confident I will get on with the size as I’ve ridden a 36” but it’s to big for me to comfortably free mount and that’s why I’m after a 32” to have a go on and eventually buy. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, not sure how to attach a link but there is currently both a 32” & 36” for sale on eBay located in London.

Looks good but I’d be on the look out for a disc ready 32” or even one with malgura mounts as I’d want it ready to “build”

Why not buy one from here?

That is how I got my 32". The 32" is just as easy to mount as the 29". For me that is.

The 32 category is very narrow catagory and finding a used one could be difficult although I was lucky enough to buy one on eBay. I own The Udc trainer/ titan which is quite affordable new and is quite a capable unicycle. The problem with the 32 size is the tire availability. As long as the night rider tire is available from udc you are ok .

Nowadays I don’t ride too often, but as I have 11 unicycles, I do spread it out as to which unicycle I choose to ride. The 32" is comfy enough to ride, but my go-to uni’s are the KH26 and Nimbus 29". They suffer from tire wear. The tire of 32" will still hold for many years to come.
What did you pay for a used 32"? I bought the new Nimbus Oracle of 700 EUR, though I don’t remember if it was that expensive when I bought it.

36" Nightfox is smaller than any of the off the shelf 32" unicycles.

I paid $330 in 2020. The unicycle was in like new condition with some upgrades including a brake. New today they are around $390.00. I am like you and do not ride this a lot, I’m am also partial to my 29 road and my 26 muni.

That’s very interesting, I’ve often thought that I would like to try a night fox as I’m a little on the short side.