32" Kent/Nimbus Wheel Set Complete

I built this wheel using a Kent Super Cruiser rim, it’s mated to a Nimbus 48h 100mm wide chromoly hub. The tire and tube are Kent.

In order to get these rims, I had to buy a complete Super Cruiser bike, then break down the wheels and respoke the rim to a uni hub. The sister wheel lives with UDC, the rest of the bike was donated :slight_smile:

The rim is in pristine condition, the tire is fresh, the tube has never been flatted, nips are red and gold anodized, spokes are black.

It’s a unique wheel, so it’s hard to price, I’d like to get what it costs to build a new 36er wheel ($300), though it cost me more than that…


Pics to follow:


Ready to sell, make an offer. Shipping is extra.

This 32" wheel will fit in any 36", 100mm width uni frame (KH, Qu AX, Coker, etc…).

Add Spirits if you want brakes.

Super strong rim, excellent tire, fast and agile, great for a smaller rider who finds a 36er to talk and awkward.

Come on gang, this is a super rare wheelset, and already built so you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying the bike, breaking it down, rebuilding the wheels…

Best offer on this beauty, I’d also consider pairing it with the 36er I have for sale:

I love the nipple colours!

On pricing, you can buy just a replacement wheel from Kent bicycles now which I believe are about $85-90 including postage.
Obviously there’s significant work involved in de-lacing and re-lacing (to anyone who’s not done this before, don’t underestimate it!) plus the cost of a uni hub and in this case, new nipples (the ones supplied with the wheel are plated steel and corrode quickly so I give this a thumbs up) but that might give a better idea of the current value.


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