32 inch wheeled bikes at walmart

Anyone know if you can get the rims or tyres without the rest of the bike

Anyone looking to ‘fill out the quiver’ might be interested

I brought this up with Josh, how a 32" wheel would be a more natural off road big wheel than a 36er, but there areno plans out there to create a new wheel size. I think a 32" would be a nice addition if there were tires, that’s the biggy, a good tire is a costly product to develop.

Is this at all a common size? I mean if they sell the bikes, you must be able to get parts for them, at least tubes?
And if they are sold at walmart, they cant be too expensive.
So if they can be found, it seems like a sweet deal and a good sized wheel. Could be put into a 36" frame?

Rubbish. If you want to go big, go whole hog or go home.

In our area, either we’re doing tech muni on the 24/26, or we’re going big wheelin’. 29ers can’t hang in either situation. 32ers would have the same issue.

Hell, I have problems keeping up with the schlumpf 36er riders on my OG Coker!

Your logic is evading me. 29ers hang with other 29ers in appropriate 29er conditions just fine. 32ers would have the same advantage.

I think this will come down to tire selection, including tire weight. With a decent tire that weighs less than our current 36er tires, a 32 could turn out to be a great XC machine. If the tires come onto the market, I expect we’ll also see some wide 32 rims come out to match. I’m not the only tall rider in the world - I suspect there are a lot of MTB’ers who consider the 29 to be a bit on the small size.

Not at all. Never seen it before. There’s a good chance the whole bike comes from China (or elsewhere in Asia) as a unit. If Walmart doesn’t stock replacement tubes and tires, riders might be screwed. I’ll stick with my KH 29" rim for now, unless more choices come out.

But there are great trails for 29ers too. Stuff that’s either too climbey or rough to be enjoyable on 36" wheels. On the right trail, my 29" with 140mm cranks is really fun to zoom on!

Personaly I think the money spent on developing a 32’’ wheel size would be much better spent on developing the current gear…

A 32" with a studded tyre would be perfect for me in the winter. The 29’er is nice but a little bit too small.

With one bike already on the market I expect that more will follow and parts will gradually become available. Another size, another choice, good.

I wonder what the BSD is on those things. I don’t currently have a working tire for my 32" wheel (700mm) and this just might work

I am usually not to excited about Walmart products but this one is overdue.

A lot of people are speculating over whether or not money should be invested into developing 32" wheels. I think that is beside the point, we know it’s a lot of effort, btu if they already exist and are cheap then that’s great!

Someone needs to find out if these wheels have replacement parts available. It would be ridiculous if you couldn’t fix them, but yeah they probably ship from china whole to walmart.

They aren’t on the Walmart website, which actually has a lot of things that you can’t always find at the store. So someone should find a store that has these and find a price on the whole bike and see if there are tires/tubes available.

Here some say they sell for only $199 whole bike…
Also if I were in the US I would just get off my butt and go look :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad logic. If the terrain gives an advantage to one wheel size, than different terrains will give an advantage to different wheel sizes. In other words, one size does not fit all.

Most of the time I ride a 29er, it works well for what I think of as “the middle terrain”, moderately technical to easy XC. When things get toward the difficult end of the technical spectrum, I ride a 26er. When things get to easy end of the XC spectrum I ride a 36er. I am thinking about getting a 24" for trials and general messing around on flats; but they’re too slow for muni IMHO.

There are times when I’d like to ride a more technical trail on the 36er, but it is so much more work than a 29er, then other times when I’m on a 29er and I think how I’d like to ride faster, so this is where I think a 32" would fit.

Unlike Maestro8, I don’t think of wheel sizes in black and white, to me it’s more shades of grey. Since no one wheel is perfect for all conditions and because conditions vary based on when and where you ride, it’s always a compromise no matter what wheel you choose. Of course there is a work around: only ride trails that work best for your preferred wheel size. I prefer to ride all the trails, so I mix and match, make do, push my limits and comfort levels. You want to make a trail more exciting, try riding it on a bigger wheel :wink:

Having ridden with more than a few people on 24-26" wheels, while I was on a 29", all I can say is that it’s always nice to have to stop and play with gear, go pee, etc… while waiting for them to catch up :roll_eyes:

We would need a good tire to make a 32" a worthy size, and being as there is only now a possible trail worthy 36er tire coming down the pike, I am dubious that a 32" is gonna happen. But then again, 650b is coming on strong.

I agree with this 100% but I think you and Maestro are coming from two different view points: one where most riding is done solo and the other where most riding is done in groups. For group riding having about the same effective wheel size (“effective” referring less to gearing and more to comfort/ability level on a given wheel) can be as important as matching the terrain when it comes to making the difference between a good ride and great one.

Do we know that the tire on these things are bad?

What can we tell from here?

Also the price is nice… Even if you just use it for the tire and rim, and throw the rest away… $100/set is much better than the $80+ tires. The price will only drop at walmart. You could also easily(compared to 36"rim) use 29" tubes.

So you’re saying a 29er should do just fine on the terrain on which we ride our 24s? Ok. Bring your 29er when you come visit.

I think of wheel sizes in inches. Not colors. Your telepathy skills aren’t very good.

…which is why we ride 36ers on the trails that got too easy for our 24s. None of this “let’s try a wheel only two inches bigger” business.

From the internet marketing that creeps onto my computer, it seems that there are lots of people out there that do believe two inches bigger really does matter. :roll_eyes:

I do think this is a novelty bike,
and not the start of a new wave of 32 inch biking.

that being said if its 200USD for the whole bike, it might be worth a try.

I very much agree with the grey scale approach to wheel sizes, the truth is what youre riding is always a compromise. you’re always on too big a wheel for bits, and too small for others.

so there certainly might be a place for 32 inchs.

I certainly dont expect this to be top notch quality kit at that price, but still might be an interesting experiment

Walmart doesn’t seem like innovation company and designing a new wheel size doesn’t seem a way to get interesting bike cheap into your offer, so I’m curious where are other 32ers ready?

Well, I once opened a thread about 32" as the missing size between 29ers and 36ers, asking for people’s opinions whether it could be a worthwhile thing to get 32" unis made. And Saskatchawanian already built his own. I still think it could be interesting to have a Schlumpf 32" in the quiver… But the lack of tires is the main problem and until the bike folks come up with them it probably wouldn’t make much sense. Those Walmart wheels don’t look very promising with so many spokes and probably a terrible rim. But it would be a pretty cheap experiment for those willing to try to make it work on a 36er frame.