300 foot Unicycle

i need to learn how to kill a thread
i would like to kile this thread
i did not make this thread
it was my sh"" head brother
sorry for this
I also didnt right the thread about the wheelie
i was out to dinner at the time

preach it brother

He’s either a real person or a member of SWAT or unicyclepa. He knows a decent bit about the city and people. I say he’s real…

I am a real person I am not a member of the SWAT but i do know the city well

goddam hugs!

this guy is pissing me off but im hugging him neway!

“i wana rife a 3000 ft high uni”


“hugs xtra hard”


Dude it wasnt me who did and it was a joke. i am real


“lay off the crack dude” - so true
man i sure hope u try this. i have this great mental image of u tottering at the top of this 300 foot uni. well have fun with this. you have as much as a chance as hippo’s growing wings and flying. so good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

IT WAS A JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE okay… all you are on crack for actually believing that.

It’s not entirely impossible. Sem Abrams made a 115 footer. His webpage details the construction and riding of it. 300 feet is only, you know, almost twice as tall. And you would either be riding this outside, or in an extremely tall building, with a crane, unless you want to plummet to your death when you lose control of your 400+ pound monstrosity. :wink:

haha true i did see sem abrams do it online

I want to see him drop off the roof
with the 300 foot uni.

I want to see him ride MUni
with the 300 foot uni.

I want to see him do a suicide mount
with the 300 foot uni.

I want him to play a little tunie
on the spokes of his 300 foot uni.


GROUP hug?!?!