300 foot Unicycle

I was planning on setting a new record for tallest unicycle. I am also going to attempt to ride this uniclycle. I plan on making a 300 foot unicycle with a 45 inch wheel and a Miyata seat. I think that the last record set for height was 115 feet in 2002. I plan on riding my 3000 foot unicycle on August 15, 2005 in my backyard. I will take pictures of me doing this so you won’t miss out on the fun. First I have a few questions. Question #1 what should I make the unicycle out of. Should I make it out of steel or some sorta speacial metals. The second question is how do I mount this type of unicycle. I have never tried mounting a uni higher than 1000 feet and I cannot afford a crane. Well those are the main questions I have. Please reply with your commments on whether or not I should do this. The reason why I want to ride a 3000 foot uni is becuase I dont want anyone to break this record.

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haha your silly but i am on nothing at all. I would just like to know what i need to use to make one of those unicycles

know how, elbow grease, and happy thoughts.

make it out of chocolate. make the tire out of licorice.

Nice idea, but i seriously want to break the record!

for serious now. if you really want to break the record, you can’t just decide one day to DO IT. have you ever built a unicycle before? a giraffe?

I can’t believe I just posted in this guy’s other thread…

No i have not built a girraffe before but i have built a bike. They have nothing to do with eachother. But i am talking serious 300 feet uni. What materials will a need?!!

the first thing you need to undertake such a FREAKIN HUGE project is experience. build unicycles. normal unicycles. a LOT of them. until you have experience in this matter.

300 or 3000? Because you have mentioned both, and there’s quite a difference between the two.

I’m thinking this is another “thanh_uni.”

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I won’t go that far, but I am suspecting that it is a user with an alias. Similar to “thanh_uni.” Right DK? :smiley:

I am sorry it is a 300 foot unicycle my keyboard is screwed. And please do not hate me I am not trying to insult and one and who is “thanh_uni”?

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