30/35 foot cliff on a unicycel into a dam???? Kevin Kartchner!

watch in HQ

sorry about the quality i need to help my friend get it better.

It was crazy scary but way fun haha

Hope you enjoy.

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I was hoping you would have stayed on the uni all the way down. Looked fun though! :smiley:

Cool, you gotta have balls for that cause you never kno how far the uneroded part of the cliff is in the water…SPLAT on the rocks :smiley:

I think (hope!) he’s smart enough to have already checked the water’s depth and whether there were any rocks in the landing zone. To just go in blind, not knowing what lies below is pretty crazy and foolish–unless you have a death wish!

haha :smiley: Sorry I didnt mean it like that;)

Awesome! I liked the view where you just disapeared off the cliff. Good stuff.:slight_smile:

Should’ve landed it… :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i checked! haha :stuck_out_tongue: its a pretty popular cliff where i life haha

yeah i think the impact would have hurt or i could have landed weird and easily been hurt… haha i’m not that crazy to land it haha i did almost once and racked myself hard and scraped my knee on my pedal

I liked that!!!

That was crazy!!

But, you should have tried a 3240 unispin off it :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I wanted to see the cute girls


You know you have to when you have some cheerleaders backing you up.

Great job Kevin!

How deep was the water?

haha thanks everyone!

yeah we actually didn’t get a shot but there was just these two girls up there and then a bunch of boats watching to one side

The water was i bet 10-12 feet deep… maybe a little less… i was surprised i wasn’t hitting bottom but i had checked it and other people were fine so yeah haha.

It was a blast though haha


that was pretty crazy man.

That was awesomeeeeeeee.

You shoulda tried like, quintuple flipping or something though.

Epic win though :D.

It makes me want to jump in the water, but not from that high! You crazy man! Congratulation:p

I was thinking the same thing. Except you might hurt yourself doing that.

elias jumped down 10 meters whats nearly the same and landed it :wink: